31 October 2019

Halloween Give-A-Way!.... What's your favorite Halloween movie?

What are your favorite Halloween movies?  See details below to enter!

Every October I have a set of movies I watch. Thankfully, Freeform on TV plays them all month long. Movies like Hocus Pocus, Monster House, the Scooby Doo films, and The Haunted Mansion. Pretty harmless but very funny.  However, this year changed a little bit because now I have a teenager who loves the horror genre.

He isn't into the gruesome aspects of the shows, but like his mom, he loves the story behind the bad guys. What makes them tick? Why did they turn out like this? And how can the plot be better? We started watching a YouTube channel called DEAD MEAT with James A. Janisse, 20 minute shows that gives a run down of a horror movie and tallies up the kills through a hilarious commentary. 

So now I've watched more scary movies than I ever thought I would. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and now I have more to celebrate with my son. I love the fact that we have these wonderful conversations and share the same interests (even if mine came from his own). It gives us moments to share, ones that I treasure now and will do so as he grows older and takes command of his own life.

So let me know...what are your favorite Halloween movies? Scary or funny, live-action or animated...doesn't matter. Leave a comment and a contact to enter my give-a-way...two Halloween pins and my book "Love at the End of the World", an anthology collection of finding love in the apocalypse.  My story is titled "Heaven for Us".


Jo was one of the lucky ones. She survived the virus that decimated eighty-five percent of the world’s population and now searches for a sanctuary in a ruined world. She trusts no one, keeping to herself, until she meets Luke and his daughter, Casey.

Suddenly she’s involved, and emotions she thought she had iced over long ago invade her self-imposed isolation. The more time she spends with Luke, the more she wants him, leaving her conflicted. Does she stay with him? Or will she continue her trek to find a heaven among the apocalypse?


Let me know what's your favorite Halloween movie (spooky, funny, slasher, animated...) and a way to contact you! Little Boy will choose a name at random, winner will be notified the next day! 
Happy Halloween!

30 October 2019

The Evernighties Writing Challenge - Week 44

My Biggest Fear

This sounds like one I answered not that long ago titled "My Irrational Fears". I had talked about my fear of heights and my fear of school shootings. Speaking of which, just yesterday a sixth grader brought a nine milliliter Glock to my son's school, and hid it in the bushes with a fully loaded magazine. Luckily, he'd been showing it off on the school bus and an other student reported him. That sixth grader was arrested and is in juvie.

Believe me the text message the your child's school is on lockdown is NOT one a parent wants to receive.

So, since I've already talked about my deep dark fears, I'll take a more lighthearted approach with this challenge. I guess I fear what everyone fears...that I'll not have enough money for bills, or medical expenses, or for Christmas presents. I rely on my royalties for those so writing and selling books is very important to me. It's my other job, my career, right behind the day job which is what nets me a paycheck every two weeks. I work extremely hard to write the best that I can, to dream up exceptional stories. And my goal is five books a year. This past year (2019) I published nine.

I have five planned for 2020....lets see if I can break my current record!

29 October 2019

A Paranormal Love Triangle from Samuel King! (up for Pre-order!)


      Alfie escapes to the Devon countryside, but his new home has a mystical past and he is soon caught up in a love triangle that takes him beyond the world he knows.

When Alfie moves to a Victorian cottage in the wilds of the Devon countryside, he’s looking for a fresh start and some solitude. However, soon after moving into his new home, he begins to have vivid dreams about a stunningly handsome stranger, who appears to be trapped inside an antique mirror that hangs on the wall in the living room.

To add to his confusion, Alfie is also visited by his young landlord, who seems to know more about the man in the mirror than he wants to reveal.
Alfie finds himself torn between two men, one who seems like perfect boyfriend material, the other a mystical force of nature, desperate to be freed from his magical prison.
Reader advisory: This book contains a scene of public sex and allusions to sexual assault.
General Release Date: 17th December 2019

      1)      Tell us about the world your novel set in.

It’s set in the contemporary real world, although one highly influenced by the Hammer  and Amicus horror films of the 1970s – a creepy Victorian cottage in the middle of a wood.

     2)    What makes your world/character different from other books in the same genre?

It features a mirror and a ghostly apparition, but the ghost is actually the displaced astral body of an evil man and the mirror is a mystical portal to a distant realm of the astral plane from which he can’t escape.

     3)    What is your favorite type of Paranormal story to read?

I love a spooky ghost story, but its always good when the author puts their own twist on it. I enjoy Adam Neville as a horror writer. He has a way of taking what has been done before but making it his own. There isn’t much in the way of romance in his books though. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier is one of my favourite books ever. Not strictly a ghost story, but it feels like one, as the main female protagonist is haunted by the memory of her new husband’s late wife.

      4)      Is this book part of a series?

No – although it has the potential to be

     5)    Do you believe in the paranormal? If so, have you ever had a paranormal experience?

I haven’t personally, but my great uncle, who I was very close to, was a professional medium, so he told me many tales of visitations by spirit guides, and stories from seances he performed.

     6)    Did you use any historical facts in your book?

  No, it’s pure fiction. 

     7)    Are you planning on writing more in the paranormal world?

 I have an idea for a full-length mm romance set in an apartment building in London which is haunted. It’s still taking form, but I hope to have a first draft finished before the end of the year.

     8)    What are your upcoming projects?

I just independently published a short mm romance called Sage the Immortal about a relationship between a 2,000 year-old demi-god and a human called Tim.

Pre-OrderBuy link

28 October 2019

Zombie Apocalypse in Elizabeth Monvey's "A Cold Breath"


     1)      Tell us about the world your novel set in.

This world is the zombie apocalypse. Typical brain eaters, I guess, always looking for their next meal. Starts off in Las Vegas, but I move it into the mountain. Why not? If there was a zombie outbreak, I think that’s where I’d go.

     2)      What makes your world/character different from other books in the same genre?

The zombies are the plot device that sets up the world, but the characters are what makes the story. I wanted to analyze what would make you keep going if this was your world because I think character development is important as well as interesting. It’s why I like The Walking Dead so much.

     3)      Do you believe in the paranormal? If so, have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Definitely. Maybe not zombies so much, although I did learn about a man in Haiti who was put under a curse, drugged into a living death scenario, and then kept in a haze to work on a sugarcane plantation for twenty years. That I could believe.

     4)      Are you planning on writing more in the paranormal world?

Yes. I’ve written another book in my “My Boyfriend Is…” series, titled “My Incubus Boyfriend” and I have a few more planned for that series in 2020. As for stand-alones, I always keep my ears open for ideas.

Buy Links:

The world has changed. Almost two years after the zombie plague destroyed civilization, the last of mankind is trying to hold on. Remy lives with his father inside the walls of a safe haven, until the night they're attacked by a swarm of walking dead. But when help arrives, he's horrified to discover the haven has been targeted to be destroyed—infected or not. 

Atticus left his home when his lover was bit. Mourning the loss, he looks for something to keep him going. To not give up. He may have stumbled into the wrong group, but he can’t hurt innocents. 

They find each other in the middle of an apocalypse, and although Remy might be wary of the handsome loner, he realizes Atticus might just be the person he needs to stay safe.

If only he didn’t feel so attracted to the man.
Be Warned: m/m sex


“Who do you think he was?” he asked.


“The zombie that almost made me lunch. Who do you think he was that he ended up in a closet like that?”

“I don’t know,” Atticus replied. “Does it matter?”

“Yeah. I think it does.”


“Because I bet he never thought he’d end up stuck in a closet and forgotten about. Just like we can’t imagine where we’ll be when our time comes. I think what keeps us from becoming completely apathetic is knowing who we were and remembering that we were once human.”

“Isn’t dead just … dead?”

“But he had a name. A family. Friends.”

“Maybe he was bit, and his friends put him in the closet to protect themselves before locking up and walking away. If that’s the case, they weren’t really friends because they didn’t put him out of his misery. They left him to turn.”

“Or they cared too much and couldn’t do it.”

Atticus pursed his lips. “Sentiments get you killed in this world.”

“So, you care for no one? For nothing?”

“I care about myself.”

Remy frowned because his statement didn’t jive with his actions. “If you’re still around if I’m ever bit, will you put me out of my misery? I don’t want to be one of them.”

“You won’t end up like that.”

“You don’t know that. Promise me and I’ll promise you the same. If you get bit, I’ll give you the permanent death.”

“Just stop it!” Atticus shouted, banging his hand on the wheel. “I told you. You won’t end up like that, and I won’t have to do something I don’t want to do. Now just drop the fucking subject, okay?”

“Fine. Whatever.”

27 October 2019

New Release from Lynn Burke!


#MF #BDSM #Billionaire #Romance

Flog Me, Sir

by Lynn Burke

He offers freedom. 

She fears addiction. 

Can Garret coax Lissa to submit to his desire to pleasure her through pain, or will it be her needs that bring him to his knees?

➣ Amazon Universal: http://mybook.to/FLOGMESIR 


Get the first book in the series for ONLY .99 Cents for a limited time!  Grab it before the price goes up!

#99cents #JordanAndHisLove #NatalieAndHerSir #BDSM #HEA #BillionaireRomance


Jordan knows everyone wants to use him for his family name and wealth. 

Natalie is forced to take on the heavy responsibility of a troublesome sibling. 

Can Natalie prove to Jordan that the only thing she wants from him is his love and dominance? Or will a misunderstanding cause Jordan to lose the submissive of his dreams? 



➣ Amazon Universal: http://mybook.to/BINDMESIR 
➣ iTunes: https://books.apple.com/us/book/bind-me-sir/id1477095020 
➣ B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1132958903 
➣ Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/bind-me-sir  


Lynn Burke is a full-time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life. As a voracious reader herself, Lynn appreciates all of her readers, and hopes she can take them on a journey with her writing.

Website: https://www.authorlynnburke.com/ 
Blog: http://authorlynnburke.blogspot.com/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Author-Lynn-Burke-555282497937461/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorLynnBurke 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorlynnburke/
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/authorlynnburke
BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/lynn-burke 


26 October 2019

New Release Saturday...Featuring Lea Bronsen's "Carnivora Part 1"


Hi, and thank you for having me on your blog!

I’ve always been fascinated by dark psychological thrillers that mess with your mind and keep you on the edge of your seat. I toyed with the genre writing my debut novel Wild Hearted, but labeled it a crime drama. Its sequel, Carnivora, evolved over six years to become a full-blown hold-your-breath thriller that deals with grave issues such as kidnapping, child sex trafficking, and self-harm.

Telling five parallel stories with as many voices, it gives you the perspectives of a police informant, a hunted gangster, a mad avenger, an inconsolable girlfriend, and a psychotic kidnapper. I pull no punches weaving these stories, so be prepared for a dark, gritty, and graphic read – a little dirty on the erotic side – that I hope will play with your strings and stick with you for a long time.

Please note that this is part 1 of Carnivora and I am currently working on parts 2 and 3, so if those cliffhangers at the end are killing you, don’t despair. The continuation is right around the corner!


Fight evil with evil.

Crime lord Tomor is serving a life sentence behind bars. Without warning, he’s abducted by mysterious men. A sick manhunt is on, with people around him dying like flies. He will need all his street flair and gangster skills to prevent his loved ones from ending up on the death list.

Luz grieves the loss of her lover while striving to take care of their baby. The last thing she needs is to fall for the new neighbor.

A year after he betrayed his adoptive father and sent him to jail, David is slowly rebuilding his life. Then everything falls apart again: he learns that Tomor has escaped, and his police connections lead him to a child sex trafficking ring involving cold, powerful men.

The cops are in over their heads with “Project Carnivora” … Perhaps the only one who can help bust the pedophile predators is an equally vicious devil: Tomor, the country’s most hunted criminal.

Available from

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“Time to change your bandage again,” the nurse mutters, voice cool, and pulls my orange-colored sleeve up to the elbow.

She unrolls the long strip of bandage from my wrist and tugs at one corner of the gauze plastered on my wound. It sticks as if glued to the freshly grown skin, and instead of removing the gauze carefully, she tears if off hard, discharging pain through my arm, wrist-to-shoulder.

I open my eyes and lift my head off the pillow. “What the fuck are ya doing, trying to reopen the wound or something?”

“Like you care.” She stops pulling and glares, gauze between her fingers. “I can see who you are inside. You’re playing tough, aren’t you, bad guy? But you can’t fool me.”

“Shut up.” I lay down again, huffing, and stare at the white ceiling above me with its rows of long neon lights.

“You’re a good man.”

I glance back. “I said, shut the fuck up.”

Her eyes shine. She rips off the remaining gauze, ignoring my grunt of pain, and throws it in a bin. “Look.”

No fuck.

“Look at it,” she insists, voice low and demanding.

No. I know what I’ve done, and I can imagine what it looks like. A six centimeter-long deep, reddish, scratched-up ridge along my artery. Layers of skin, fat, meat, and whatnot must be visible and sweating a pinkish liquid from the reborn pores. I don’t need to see it.

I guess the girl wants me to be so horrified, I’ll never attempt suicide again. That’s right. She wants to shock me into acceptance.

You gotta be fucking kidding me, little thing.

She shakes her head. “I don’t understand why they gave you the life sentence.”

“You mean they shoulda given me the chair?”

Instead of responding to my sarcasm, she pivots to look up at the clock and widens her eyes as if realizing she forgot an appointment. Face tense, she returns to her work, applies some cool, gel-like liquid on the wound, and bandages it with quick routine moves.

What’s up with her? In my three days in this woman’s company, I’ve noted the things that make her tick. Maybe she’s upset because I’m leaving the infirmary soon. Earlier, she said she didn’t know when I’d be ready to go back to my cell. She probably knows now, but doesn’t want to tell me.

The door opens. She jumps.

A uniformed guard pokes his head in, checks the small room, and exits.

She seems frozen in place, features tense. Staring ahead and taking deep breaths as if trying to regain composure.

I cock my head a little. “What’s going on? They gonna transfer me?”

She visibly swallows and fixes her gaze on some point on the wall.

I snicker. “Are you sad ‘cause I’m leaving?”

Ha, I can be so ugly, when the girl clearly likes me.

As she sits there avoiding me, I take the time to check out her tits, and drink in the amazing sight of their pressing against her green blouse with each breath. She doesn’t have a name tag. Come to think of it, none of the personnel do. Evidently, so the inmates can’t identify their ‘caretakers’, and should they by some miracle leave the premises, track them down.

I nod to her blouse. “What’s your name?”

She twists back to me, brows raised, before shaking her head. “I can’t tell you that.”

“C’mon, I’ll never see you again.” I grin, then add with an ironic snicker, teasing her, “They’ll never let me slash my wrists, or hang myself.”

She looks away and busies herself collecting the medical stuff, throwing a quick, almost invisible glance to the door. What the hell is making her so nervous?

Coldness fills my chest. Something’s up.

“Come on, Babe,” I coax with my most gentle, sensual voice, wanting to buy time. “Tell me your name.”

“Why?” she whispers, fidgeting with the roll of bandage.

“’Cause I want a name to your pretty face when I jack off in my cell.”

About the author

Lea Bronsen likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After a deep dive on the unforgiving world of gangsters with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between romantic suspenses, dark erotic romances, and crime thrillers.

Meet Lea Bronsen on