31 October 2018

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Pick Your Reading Poison...

From Beth D. Carter...

Charlotte Perth is all about sass because her job reminds her all too well the limits of human life. She’s clairvoyant, but her gift is unique. She can only summon murdered souls and interprets the visions they send her. (trilogy, MF & MFM pairing)  

Buy Here: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3

From Katerina Ross...

 Tristan Todorov was cast out  of the school of magic and now travels alone through Eastern Europe offering discreet services as an unlicensed magician. In Prague he’s been invited to investigate a suspicious series of suicides, he’s about to meet someone who will make him remember the darkest secret of his past. Will a night of lust soothe Tristan—or will it stir up something evil and dangerous, something he’s tried so desperately to forget? (MM pairing) Buy HERE

From Amabel Daniels...
Since it’s a party at the end of October, single dad Ford Meyers makes an honest mistake in thinking Officer Jennifer Haynes sports her sexy cop uniform in the spirit of Halloween—not for duty. Jen’s thrilled that she can officially break the ice with the tempting gym owner in her neighborhood. But how to approach him off the clock is another matter. One more trick brings them closer together, and it’s up to them to risk focusing on the treat of becoming intimate, or staying hindered by the obstacles in their way.(MF pairing)

From Katherine McIntyre...

Cross a satyr, a siren, and an incubus with rock and roll, and you get Discord’s Desire, a band of panty-dropping hellions whose live shows incite orgies. As booking manager, Liz O’Brien has the monumental task of keeping the boys in line. She’s resistant to glamour of the fae and fame variety, which only makes her more tempting to lead singer, Kieran Blackmore. With his incubus charms, he could have any girl he wants—except Liz, who’s determined to stay professional. (MF pairing)  Buy HERE 

From Libby Bishop...

In 1956, the Midsummer Theatre—Noble, Maine’s most popular playhouse—closed after the daughter of the owners was murdered. Unfortunately, her killer was never found. The owners did not want the theatre opened again, but when the theatre passed into the hands of their grandson, he decided that it was time to renovate and reopen. But the ghosts of the past don’t just fade away. (MF pairing)


From Elyzabeth VaLey

How can a man love a succubus without literally losing his heart? 
Alpha Protector Max almost died during his last mission to Lust’s hellish lair, but the worst torture was his failure to save Eva, a young woman who begged for his help. When he meets her again in Spain, he discovers two things. One, she is his mate. Two, she is also a succubus (MF pairing) 

2 Books From Nancy E. Polin

Gifts are not always welcome…
The accident which claimed her husband’s life left Dana Chambers with a unique ability.
Gifts are not always beautiful…
A long ago promise puts Alex Kelly in the reluctant role of guide and protector.
Gifts cannot always been returned…
270 years of life is more than Joseph ever wanted, but the long road may have just become a bit more interesting.
For some gifts are destined to evolve (MF pairing) 


Rowan O’Herley figures the old tavern bequeathed to her by her uncle is a chance at a fresh start. When otherworldly presences begin to make themselves known, she soon realizes she inherited much more than just a 200 year old building. For some vengeance is powerful beyond the grave and can only be satiated when it is steeped in blood… (MF pairing) 

From Megan Slayer...

Jesse’s never stayed in one place for very long. Being a lynx shifter, he enjoys a solitary life. Then, like a bad joke, the lynx shifter walks into the bar to listen to a cover band. The singer isn’t anything he expects, but everything he desires. But can a human and shifter make a relationship work? There’s no guarantee the twosome will go beyond the bedroom, but Colin’s willing to try. Can the loner really find a mate? Will his mate be everything he craves? Or will the human run the other way?  (MM pairing) 


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30 October 2018

What Scares You?

So...what does scare you?
Slasher flicks? Monsters that jump out at you? An American werewolf in a foreign country? Transylvania 6-5000? (Do any of you get that reference?) Mine would be ghosts. I watched the movie “13 Ghosts” between two fingers.

Despite my cowardice, I love Halloween. The macabre. Things that go bump in the night. Probably because I love paranormal things. Sometimes it’s too fantastical to be real and yet, I believe it. I’ve lived in a haunted house and witnessed too many unexplained things not to be a believer. And I’ve passed on that love to my son, who refuses to watch Jason, Michael Myers or Pennywise, yet loves the story behind these serial killer slashers. He loves watching The Kill Count on Youtube.  He loves the jumpscares in his games, spending hours at Spirit Halloween watching the animatronics, and people’s reaction if they are scared. And he’s drawn them pretty well, if I do say so myself.

We watch all the monster movies we can. His favorite is “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. I prefer “Corpse Bride”. But there’s “Hocus Pocus”, “The Addams Family” (both movies), “Paranorman”, “Monster House”, “Hotel Transylvania”…wait, you say these aren’t scary?

True. They aren’t. But to us they add to the wonderfully ghoulish feel of decorations, atmosphere, and excitement that culminates in a night of tricks or treat. I usually have to make my son’s costume because he always picks something that isn’t store bought. This year he’s Sammy Lawrence from Bendy & the Ink Machine. Don’t know what that is? Here's a pic of him:

But Halloween is more than just scary movies. It’s origin goes all the way back to the Celtic festival of Samhain, when ghosts and spirits came out to haunt, and the Celts would appease the spirits by giving them treats. It’s fun and it’s scary, and the one night a year when we can all go a little morbid. Or be a slutty vampire hunter because hey, it's Halloween and I can show my almost cleavage all I want! Actually, no, I don't. I have to work. 
About 19 million people have some type of phobia. Mine happens to be acrophobia. Does the love of Halloween play into our phobias by allowing us to touch upon them in a short night of frightful fun? Would you be able to face your fears in an ordinary day, without the revved up excitement of haunted houses and things that go bump in the night? My fear hinders me on a lot of every day things, even like driving over the Hoover Dam Bridge. I try to face my fears, to push through them, but sometimes it's difficult. Your brain is screaming at you that this is silly, just drive across a bridge, but the body doesn't respond to what you're thinking. It's a frustrating, and yet ossifying because the ridged thought process shuts down all the rationale decisions.

 To celebrate Halloween, and to thank you for visiting and reading my ramblings, I would like to give away a cute little bat pin! He's really cool. with black little gems in the body and a green gem for the eye. All you have to do to win is leave a comment on WHAT SCARES YOU? ...and an email address to contact you if your name is picked (by my wonderful helper Hadrian, aka son)! I promise not to spam you!! :-)

Thank you and happy haunting!

29 October 2018

Welcome JN Moon & her Supernatural Children of Dionysus!

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Hello JN! Welcome to Written Butterfly on this Halloween week! So tell me...

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

For Anthony I wanted to take a regular guy and put him in the situation of becoming a vampire. Before we meet Anthony he is  happy in his life, I’m interested in how we, as people handle adverse situations that are thrust at us. His development, emotionally and physically throughout the series is what I find interesting. It’s not all good he makes some bad decisions, and I love the dynamic of the reluctant hero. I wanted to show the darker side of vampires, the horror of the change, the challenges.

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?

Yes, it starts with Anthony being turned into a vampire against his will by macabre vampires- they were based on the Eastern European vampires. The series tells the various misadventures that he gets reluctantly pulled into and again has to rethink everything he’s learned. It brings in new characters and as it progresses his supernatural world gets bigger.

 Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

Yes, it started off as a fun project after a friend and I did each other’s New Year’s resolutions. At the time I was studying to go to vet school as a mature student and working full time so it was a way to be creative. After a few years I realised I wanted to write but I’m really glad for my time working with nurses and vets- that’s why there’s some science in my books

Q) What do you think is your strongest asset as a writer? 

I hope engaging readers and taking them into another world, away from the stresses of life. There’s some deeper meanings in my books behind the conversations. You might pick it up and that’s awesome. Also we all go through adversity and it’s how it shapes us in the long run even if we don’t handle it well. 

…what is your weakest factor as a writer?

Weakest wanting the bad guys to have redeeming qualities, for having a reason. I guess I always look for the good in people. As young children or babies no one is evil and not everyone has the insight or comprehension to change themselves.

Q) Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

Yes definitely . There’s no alpha billionaires or submissive or bratty heroines. I want to take ordinary people and put them into extraordinary circumstances and write about what happens.

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

I plan a lot! I use Pinterest to get a person who looks or feels right and I write a bio on all my characters. When I’m in Bath where my series is based I often expect to see Anthony and the others because I know them so well! Imagine my disappointment lol…

Q) Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

The series does have an overall arc but all books can be read individually. I don’t leave cliffhangers I don’t think that’s fair but there are hooks. I have another series, book one about to launch and a new series next year. I cross over some characters betweens the series creating a supernatural universe! That’s a fun thing to write, and read hopefully!

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I’m writing book 4 called The Seven Princes of Hell which is lots of fun and tons of research. What that has to do with Anthony is really exciting, seeing him change and become stronger.

I also have book one in a new series, The Blood Moon series with the mc, Emma. This one is about werewolves, dragon shifters and Orcadian folklore set in Wychwood forest in the UK which is said to be the most haunted forest in the world! Wychwood beer is awesome too btw! 

I'm also releasing the box set for the first three books in Always Dark Angel series for Halloween and this will include the bonus book Grimoire which isn't for sale!



On all amazon sites, it's in KU.

Blurb for book 1: Children of Dionysus:

With bloodthirsty immortals at war, one rookie vampire must navigate an unfamiliar world to save the woman he loves…

Anthony is struggling to survive a nasty problem: a newfound lust for blood. After a vicious attack leaves him changed forever, the former human has nothing and nobody to turn to. But with the guidance of a 18th century vampire, Anthony discovers a parallel realm that may give him a second chance…

As this new world governed by debauchery and self-indulgence teeters on the verge of war, Anthony finds himself caught in between the immortals and the Elite. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, he hears rumours of twisted and tortured creatures forged in sinister experiments. But when Anthony discovers his still-human sweetheart has been dragged into the clash, he enters the battle with a vengeance…

Faced with the choice to side with predators or prey, Anthony may have found out far too late that saving both his new home and his true love could be impossible…

Children of Dionysus is the first book in the Always Dark Angel saga, a series of urban fantasy novels. If you like embattled supernatural beings, flawed characters, and a touch of romance, then you’ll love JN Moon’s thrilling paranormal series. 

Buy Children of Dionysus today to satisfy your thirst for adventure…

www.jnmoon.com for samples and a Free Prequel to the Always Dark Angel Series.

FB: Author JN Moon and Facebook Group: Moon Council of the Supernatural.

Hotmail: alwaysdarkangel@hotmail.co.uk

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28 October 2018

Blast from the Past...Spotlighting "The Chef & the Ghost of Barthololmew Addison Jenkins" for Halloween!

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Halloween, 1982. MTV is new, poodle perms are the rage, and life just might be getting better for Alma Kobel. Her ugly divorce is final at last. Her new job as chef at Bright Day School’s gorgeous old estate is actually fun. But the place is haunted—and so is Alma’s apartment.
Bartholomew Addison Jenkins’ ghost has been invisibly watching Alma for months. When he materializes one night, Alma discovers Bart—as he likes to be called—has talents she couldn’t have imagined … and a horrifying past. Can you have a one-nighter with a ghost? And what happens if you decide one night is all you want—and end up ghosting him? Some spirits don’t like taking “no” for an answer.

Q & A 

1.       Did you plot this book out or write wherever an idea took you? 

I am ALWAYS a “pants-er.” I get my setting and my characters together first, and then I watch the movie in my head.  Because I live near Sleepy Hollow, the part of The Chef and the Ghost of Bartholomew Addison Jenkins that involves a local legend was with me from the beginning, but the rest of it just evolved as the characters interacted.

2.       What was your hardest scene to write in this book?

 I write poetry and young adult novels under another name.  This was my first grown-up romance, so I’d never written a really steamy sex scene before.  Lots of blushing ensued.   I have since lost my—ahem—virginity.

3.       Did you hide any secrets or Easter Eggs? 

This book is set in the Northern part of the Hudson River Valley, but much of it is based much further south: Nyack, NY in the 1980’s.  Anyone who lived there then will recognize a lot!

      4.       Since the publication, what would you say has improved in your writing? 

I had a great editor on The Chef and the Ghost, and I’m still very proud of it.  I think I write slightly more streamlined prose now—and I’ve stopped blushing when my characters need to hop into bed!

5.       Do you believe a book cover plays an important role in the selling process? 

Absolutely.  Those of us at Evernight Publishing are super-lucky to have Jay Aheer!  What a pretty, golden cover she made me!

6.       Any advice you would like to give to your younger self?

 It’s okay to write a grown-up ghost story!


When Alma opened the door to her apartment, her stomach sank. A dim square of light flickered in the hall outside her bedroom door. Yikes! Was I actually dumb enough to have left candles burning? She was scolding herself for having been dangerously spacey when she realized that the light from her room did not come from any sort of flame.

It came from Bart. He was standing beside her bed in his high-collared, loose-fitting shirt and his knee britches. And that was … not really strange at all. Just the friendly, resident ghost. No danger of burning down the house. A relief—and Alma had to be honest with herself—a pleasant surprise.

Good evening, m’lady,” he said.

Alma opened her mouth to say hello back—and burped, instead. A Garbage Pie burp was an impressive burp. “Oh, wow. Excuse me.”

Bart chuckled as she dropped her purse in the chair next to her dresser.

Rich dinner?”

A Garbage Pie,” she said. “It sounds awful, but it’s—you know what pizza pie is, right?”

The previous residents of this apartment ate little else. I know well what Garbage Pies are,” he said. “I do not fear them.”

Then he stepped in front of Alma and slipped his arms around her, something else that should have been shocking but wasn’t. Just the resident ghost, after all. The resident ghost who can really kiss. Bart’s touch tingled with cold fire.

Well, hello,” Alma said.

I missed you,” said Bart, then he put his mouth over hers and kissed her. She felt something feathery—his chest touching hers—and she nearly dissolved into it. His tongue was cool in her mouth, and full of sparks. He tasted almost sweet.

Alma stepped back for a moment and looked into his bronze-flecked eyes. They were almost exactly level with her own as they stood facing each other. Bart kissed her again, and his mouth poured her full of prickly, contagious electricity. It was hard to pull away from him. He slipped a hand into her sweater under her bra, and cupped her left breast.

Let me,” he whispered. “Please.” His fingers were gentle. He found her nipple and stroked it. “Oooo,” he said.

 A bolt of electricity shot through Alma and landed between her legs.

He kissed her again, harder, still playing with her nipple. Another sharper electric bolt. She stepped backward to lean against the wall, feeling the weightlessness of him glittering on her, yet feeling his shirt and the buttons of his knickers. His hips rubbed against hers, but they weren’t hips, exactly. They were neither firm nor soft. They were just there—and fiery. He pressed against her and didn’t at the same time.

Wow. Maybe I should, um, brush my teeth,” she said at last. His hand was still on her breast, but then he let go.

If you like,” he said.

Alma realized she was trembling as she tried to steady herself for the walk to the bathroom. I’m about to… I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m about to do it with a ghost. If we actually can manage to… Well, at least I’ve still got my IUD… But that was silly. How could a ghost get you pregnant?

Back in the bedroom, Bart had lit the candles and was sitting on her bed. He smiled as she walked toward him, and his bronze-brown eyes glowed in the candle light. He’d taken his hair out of its queue and it flowed like a shadow over his shoulders, which were just slightly translucent.

When you kissed me last night, the lights in this whole house went out,” said Alma. “And then you disappeared. But tonight…”

That won’t happen again. Can’t you tell? I’ve been practicing,” said Bart. He was unbuttoning his shirt. His chest was luminous, of course, but also very well-muscled. There was a small, odd scar over his heart—just a few inches across.

Practicing?” said Alma.

Not on anyone else, don’t worry,” said Bart, and his face lit up, too. He was smiling. “This is all a matter of control, just as it is in the flesh.” He chuckled. “It has been so long…” He tossed his shirt on the floor. “Come here, my dove.”

My dove. Alma sat next to him, and he pulled her sweater over her head and then gazed at her. “Oh, my,” he said. “You are ravishing.”

No one ever called me ravishing before,” said Alma as Bart fumbled with her bra.

These things,” he said. “I have no experience…”

Hooks … in the back,” she said. He found them and gently slid the straps off her shoulders.

So I see,” he said. “Lay back.”

She did, and Bart tugged gently at her leggings.

A button and a zipper. Over on the side. You know what a zipper…”

But Bart already had undone it. “I do keep up, you know. Zippers are simpler,” he said. He tugged off her leggings, threw them on the floor, and lay down on his side next to her, propped up an elbow. “Oh, my dear,” he said again, and bent over her breast. “I must…” He stroked her nipple again and then gently nibbled it.

Alma closed her eyes. It was like being surrounded by the opposite of “a greater darkness.” Bart ran his tongue down her stomach and Alma opened her eyes to see a silver line of sparks following it. Each one of them icy-hot. When he got to her panties, he pulled them down and opened her.


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27 October 2018

Meet the Writing Powerhouse Duo....Hamlett & Dare!

Hello Christina & Jamie!  Thank you both so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

A) We both have a crush on Robert Downey, Jr. and wondered what it would be like if his charismatic self were thrown into the path of a plucky romantic who suddenly finds herself working for him in his posh London office. Our supporting players in the storyline—including Henny’s kooky relatives—were a delight for us to develop because it’s consistent with the notion that the course of true love never runs smoothly. We’ve also respectively known a lot of kooky personalities we decided would be fun to work into a mystery about the cutthroat art world.

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?

A) It’s a standalone title we’re very pleased with. If we were to do anything more, it would be a prequel involving Henny’s colorful, globe-trotting aunt.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

A) Two things actually. The first is that although Jamie and I have been working together since 2012 and both live in Los Angeles County, we have spoken only once on the phone and have never met in person. We worked on this novel in the same way we have worked on our plays; specifically, I write a scene/chapter and send it to her with a list of “reveals” for the next scene/chapter she’ll be writing. In between we do lots of brainstorming on what the characters might do next. Our writing styles are so seamless that not even my husband can tell our writing apart. At no time during WYWO’s development, however, did I reveal how the book would end because I wanted to keep her in the same mindset as our heroine. Talk about driving someone crazy! She didn’t find out the ending until I gave her the last two chapters (which I wrote myself). Secondly, the resolution of the plot is entirely plausible to anyone who wants to refresh their memory on history, geography and art. In other words, it could have happened just the way we described it.

Q) What do you think is your strongest asset as a writer? …what is your weakest factor as a writer?

A) For both of us, are strength is in dialogue and snappy pacing. Jamie had never written a play before but was an online screenwriting student of mine who could write absolutely hilarious patter among characters. At the time we “met,” I already had over 150 credits as a playwright and 16 years onstage as an actor and director. She was excited to learn the craft and we have since sold 7 plays that are doing quite well. When she told me that she had always wanted to write a novel, the time seemed auspicious to teach her out to do that, too. We currently have two more novels in the works as well as a mystery series. As for weakness, we’re both wildly impatient.

Q) Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

A) The only time we bow to the pressure of someone else telling us what to do is when one of our play publishers asks us to develop a specific project for their target market. Otherwise, we’re 100 percent original in our mutual love of the written word. We like to write the kind of plots we like to read.

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

A) We may have a keen idea at the outset on what we want our characters to do with themselves as a story unfolds but we also have the wisdom to listen to them if they tell us they want to do something different. I suspect if we ignored them for any length of time while we were off doing something else, they would just go ahead and finish the book themselves.

Q) Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

A) The mystery series we’re noodling around will have sustainable, recurring characters. Now and again, we may have characters from a standalone book go “visit” another book but not to the extent that they detract from the plot du jour.

 Q) What are your upcoming projects?

A) Two that I can mention are Saving Captain Cupid (a chick-lit which is set in Seattle and features a Korean American heroine) and Silent Knight (a romantic suspense involving a lost suit of armor). Following the success of our Austenesque spoofs, Hyde and Prejudice, Cliffhanger Abbey and Séance and Sensibility, we may have some future silliness up our sleeves. As for me as a solo act, I am working on three new books (including one on the craft of playwriting), as well as 13 new scripts about famous women in history for the 365 Women A Year international database. Readers can learn more at www.authorhamlett.com.


By Christina Hamlett and Jamie Dare
It’s one thing for Henny Tinker to think that her handsome and charismatic new boss, Geoffrey Bond, is way out of her league. The more she reflects on his secret trips and his uncanny ability to acquire never-before-seen artworks, the more she starts to suspect that he’s also – quite literally - out of her time-zone. Could it have something to do with the Scottish railway clock in his office that runs perfectly…in reverse? Is it his penchant for period outfits that supposedly coincide with the various themed costume parties he attends? Or has Henny simply been watching too many time-travel movies with her father and now seeing evidence of its existence everywhere she looks?
Her first encounter with the dashing Brit occurs shortly after she has not only been made redundant at Foyles Bookstore and lost her flat but is forced to endure the humiliation of moving back home with her daft parents. When Geoffrey appears out of the blue and offers her a well-paying job as executive assistant at his posh London office, she soon finds that she can’t imagine a more exciting – and sensually agonizing – experience than to work in such close proximity to a man whose heart probably belongs to someone else.
Against her better judgment, she begins reading deeper meaning into even his most casual flirtations and letting her imagination fantasize that being an indispensable employee is practically synonymous with getting engaged. Despite the fact that everyone around her – including her 80-year-old aunt – is enjoying a better love life than she is, Henny is determined to rise above her own klutziness and persevere against all odds.
Nor is she dissuaded by the ongoing insinuations of creepy art assessor Edward Huber that her employer is somehow involved with international theft and fraud on the black market. If anything, it makes her all the more resolute to defend Geoffrey’s wealthy lifestyle and frequent disappearances – a goal that will be put to the ultimate test when her dreamy mystery man vanishes during their first romantic date at her flat.
WHILE YOU WERE OUT is available in paperback on Amazon as well as digitally on Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Playster, Scribd and Tolino.


Former actress and director Christina Hamlett is an award-winning author
and media relations expert whose credits to date include 41 books, 171 stage plays, 5 optioned screenplays, and squillions of articles and interviews that appear online and in trade publications worldwide. She is also a script consultant for the film business (which means she stops a lot of really bad movies from coming to theaters near you) and a professional ghostwriter (which does not mean she talks to dead people). She and her gourmet chef husband live in Pasadena, California with Lucy, quite possibly the world’s cutest dog.

Jamie Dare is a freelance writer who in a former lifetime drafted TV ads, radio promos and corporate training materials. In
other words, content that people were subjected to against their will. In 2012, she teamed up with author/playwright Christina Hamlett for a series of “Seusspeare” comedies. This proved to be far more entertaining than writing how-to manuals, and a vibrant partnership was born. Something new is always in the works with Hamlett & Dare, from plays to contemporary novels. Ms. Dare lives in Southern California with her family.