29 September 2017

Q&A with Lea Bronsen!

Hello Lea!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Hi, Beth! Thank you for having me! I’m excited to be here and talk about my new release, the dark Viking romance Torn Avenger.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

What makes this book special for me is that for once, I’ve written a story set in my own country, Norway, and that the characters, although fictitious, are actually my forefathers… *swoon* It gives the project a whole new emotional dimension!

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?

The cover! Lol, when I saw this premade last year, it immediately spoke to me and I had to have it, but I didn’t know what time period the story would be set in or which type of characters should be featured. It took almost a year of me looking at it every now and then and thinking, “dammit, it deserves a story!” before an idea came to mind in April and suddenly I had to write the fastest I could J

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

I am generally a very ad-hoc person. As a secretary in RL, I like to think I’m structured, but the truth is I’m painfully chaotic and impulsive. When I start a new book, I’ll have a “feel” about who my main characters are and start writing scenes here and there that convey how I perceive them. Little by little, as the story idea itself takes form, I’ll find how to develop them and what they’ll need to go through and who else they’ll have to meet to get there. It’s a long, long process…

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Since English is only my 3rd language, I spend a lot of time compensating for my lack of vocabulary by using places I’ve visited, people I’ve met, or scenes I’ve witnessed in my stories. It makes the storytelling so much easier. For example, in Torn Avenger, I have personally seen (and smelled, touched…) many of the locales described in the story.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

My next release is the dark erotic crime MMMM ménage The Audition, about a young wannabe actor challenged to comply with the film producers’ dirty fantasies in order to get a movie part. It’s hot, it’s dirty, and one of the main characters is a ruthless drug lord, so there’re elements of crime and danger, too. I really hope my readers are going to like it.

Aside from that, I’ve started work on the sequel to my debut novel Wild Hearted, a gritty inner-city crime drama that came out in 2013. Let me tell ya I’m super excited about bringing my two favorite characters, Tomor, an imprisoned gang leader, and Luz, his long-lost love, back to life in a whole new psychological thriller!

Blurb for Torn Avenger:

Murder. Passion. Two worlds colliding.

As the second son of a Viking earl, Alv Gunnulfsen wasn't meant to inherit a throne or avenge a murder. But when his brother is slain during a raid and their father dies of grief, Alv is expected to take command and claim the killer's death. In a world of ruthless retaliation and strict social codes, he must also maneuver cleverly to protect a troublesome secret: his attraction for men.

Roeland van Dijk, a wealthy Dutch merchant settled in Norway, has done the unthinkable to protect his family — hacked off the head of a Viking rapist. The wrath of the blond savages will cost him his freedom, and possibly his own head… Unless he's willing to accept the love of another man.


After a moment, Alv looked up again and almost gasped from the erotic vision in front of him. While shaving Roeland, he’d only seen his wet, hairy chest and stomach, but the handsome man moved to a kneeling position in the basin and washed his lower body. His stunning maleness made Alv hot and bothered. They had discussed, argued, shared personal details, and apologized to each other, but now, the seriousness of their conversation faded. The sight of Roeland’s cock bathing in white foam between his legs had Alv’s own cock jolt and press painfully against his pants.

Oh, Roeland attracted him on several levels—mental, emotional, and physical—and Alv longed to discover and develop more of everything with him. Hedin was an exciting lover, but nothing like what Roeland had the potential to be.

Speaking of Hedin, it’d been a surprise to see him again this morning, right after Elke left. He’d arrived in a terrible mood and refused to excuse his disappearance act. It was outrageous of a slave to come and go like that, but Alv had too much on his mind to think of punishing him.

For one, he worried about Roeland’s future. He’d inherited part of Father’s wealth, but not his title. After returning to Eðni, he’d claimed to be the only one who could decide of what to do with his brother’s murderer, but it wasn’t true. He had no standing, no support from his fellow citizens. They could choose to kill Roeland if they wanted to—all it took was a word from Mother. It made her idea to have Alv marry Elke and adopt the community’s natural heir that much more important to push through.

“There’s something we need to talk about,” he said, hoping Roeland wouldn’t oppose to the plan.


“Normally, I would ask you, but since you’re not in a position to make decisions, I’m just going to tell you.”

“About what?” Roeland frowned.

“I’m marrying your sister.”

Roeland stood so fast in the basin, water splashed to all sides. He stepped out and leaned into Alv’s face. “Don’t you dare to touch her!”

“But I’m not…”

“Hasn’t she suffered enough?” Roeland bellowed, his dark eyes slit with anger.

By Thor, he was insanely sexy, standing naked and wet, so near Alv could feel his damp bodily heat, water drippling from his hair and rolling alongside his tanned, chiseled cheeks. Alv couldn’t help hardening more, and needed to focus on the words that came out of Roeland’s luscious mouth to be able to answer. “She has already accepted.”

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Author info:

Lea Bronsen likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between psychological thriller, romantic suspense, and dark erotic romance.

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20 September 2017

A Chat with Katherine Wyvern on her New Gender-Fluid Romance!

Hello Katherine!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you. 

No, thank you for having me here! It’s lovely to have a chance to blather some more about this book, which I love passionately!

So tell me…

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

Well, it was a bit of gradual process. It really all started with Julia/n, this truly gender-fluid cross-dresser with a wonderful ability to switch between female and male identity. I spent some months dreaming up Julia/n and wondering what story could be written about him/her, and then out of the blue I inherited this pair of lovely high heeled boots from a dear friend who died. These boots were really the catalyst for the plot to take off. The other character in the story, Nina is this girl who really has trouble “being a girl”,  due to a past of bullying and abuse, but these lovely boots are tempting her to get out of her darkness, and express her feminine side… Nina does not know where to start, and that is where Julia/n steps in. For most girls, being a woman is something you learn organically from a very young age, but for these two characters it is something that they learned from scratch, and have to practice diligently … hoping to get it right, more or less.

Q) Woman as a Foreign Language sounds like such a fascinating story. What drew you to write this book?

I have always been fascinated by gender-variant characters, I suppose. There was one in Black Carnival, my debut novel, although that was a completely different story (very fetish-y!). And there was one planned for Spellbreakers, but s/he didn’t make it into the novel because it was already so damn long and rife with secondary characters!

Julia/n really exploded in my dreams after watching “The Danish Girl” (ok, I have a bit of a thing for Eddie Redmayne, lol), but in the end it was based on several different sources. Nina, and her struggle with her past, is a profoundly autobiographic character. So this story became a cathartic process for me.

Q) What type of research did you undertake to write in an authentic voice?

This is an interesting question, because the story is really written in two different voices (as far as I could!). Nina’s side of the story is written in present tense and first person. It was not really a conscious decision. The first few paragraphs of the book started out as a page of my diary, not really as a story, and then the style stuck. I had meant to convert it to a more conventional POV, but, no, I just couldn’t. She is a bit of a scared animal, looking out on the world from out of her armor, ready to run or hide, so this very “in the moment” voice was just right for her.

Constructing Julia/n’s voice was a much more calculated process, partly because really I had to do a lot of research on the mechanics of cross-dressing and all that goes with it, so it produced a somewhat less instinctive and more literary narrative (which fits the character in several ways, since s/he’s a professor of English literature!). I spent about three months or more reading tons of articles, blogs and forum posts by cross-dressers and transwomen and talking with some wonderfully generous persons who shared their experiences (often in very intimate detail, bless them!) before I felt comfortable tackling Julia/n, and even then I preferred to remain in a deep-third point of view for her, which gave me a little more emotional wiggle-space. I would have felt a fraud writing her in first person POV.

This discrepancy in tense and POV is an unusual arrangement in romance books, but I think (and so did my editor, luckily!) that it suits this particular story very well. And I don’t see why romance authors should not try a more experimental prose from time to time! J

Q) Did you plan all your characters out before you started this story or did they develop as you wrote?

In essence they were pretty clear-cut from the start, not so much by conscious planning as from, shall I say, sudden revelation! But of course much fleshing out occurred along the way, especially for Julia/n.

Another major change that occurred in mid writing was the decision to include Nina’s mother and extended family in the story. Originally Nina’s history of psychological abuse was to be carried just by her memories, but then I realized that it made for a lot of telling, and that if I had the family IN the story, I could show a lot more, and also have a villain that I could write from personal experience! Although Nina’s mom is not my mom, she is a bit of a sum of many different people in my background. Shudder!

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

I listen to a lot of music (it really helps me to slip into a different world), and often try out dialogues aloud (something that must be pretty mind boggling to accidental witnesses). And I generally reread some of what I have written before starting to write. That really helps me to get back in the voice of the characters and the flow of the narrative. Each character usually has a “totem scene” that somehow catches his or essence for me, and it’s my key to get back under their skin. For Nina, it was the very beginning of the story, where she is daydreaming about Julia. For Julia/n it was this very humorous scene where he goes to work, all distracted by thoughts of Nina, and ends up in the wrong classroom.

Once I start typing I am usually pretty instinctive though, I let the characters do their thing and see where it leads.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

There are two or three stories that I have started already that are vying for attention, but I think the winner is this contemporary, slightly paranormal book called “The Very Select Au-Pair Agency”. This may end up being split in two related short stories, since it is really two interwoven tales about two widowed fathers finding love in two “very special” (read: slightly witchy!) nannies.

And I have this story which is a bit of a dark twist on the ubiquitous shifter-theme.
And a fantasy story based in the region of France where I live … and one with dragons…
So many ideas, so little time!


What do you do when the woman you want to be … is a man?

Nina’s abusive childhood left her feeling so vulnerable when wearing anything flimsier than combat boots that she has spent her whole adult life dressed like a gang boy. But when she meets the tall, glamourous, charismatic Julia (actually her cross-dressing neighbor, Julian, going out en femme), Nina is seized by an overwhelming and terrifying urge to finally express her own femininity.

Julia/n has not only a slightly split personality but also a thoroughly broken heart. What s/he wants most is a partner who will love both Julia and Julian. While Nina learns from Julia how to be a woman, Julian discovers that they might well be made for each other, but it will take a struggle against prejudice and a whole conservative mind-set before they can follow their hearts, and express their true, unique, and beautiful selves.


“Well, are we going out this evening or what?” asked Julia, seeing Nina sitting down still naked on the bed.
“Oh, it will take me two minutes to get ready,” said Nina, smiling up at her. “I am not such a woman as you,” she added, grinning impishly.
“Oh, indeed?” said Julia, and pinched her nose in passing, then went to the wardrobe to fish out some stockings, a pocket bra and breast forms. Boobs were invariably the first thing. She liked her body well enough, as a man or a woman, except for that flat chest. A girl should have tits, and a boy should have some muscle at least, but somehow, she had failed to achieve either. The sweet, soft, bouncy weight of the breast forms immediately made her feel better about herself. Stockings were always the next thing. Her legs were as smooth as silk in any case, but the sleek feel of stockings on them was almost an aphrodisiac. Time was, long ago, when she was much, much younger, when just wearing a pair of stockings would give her a hard-on. She was not such a green horn anymore, luckily, because the last thing she needed right now was an erection.
She stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, and pulled on her gaff half the way. She gently maneuvered her testicles back up to where they were before they dropped (if only they had stayed there, she thought despondently, and not for the first time), then gave her empty scrotum a slight twist and pushed it down and back towards her buttocks. She was on the point of tucking her penis down and under the same way (if she laid them side by side, they looked every bit like labia through her gaff … et voilà, instant pussy… more or less), when she caught sight of Nina’s eyes. Nina was still sitting on the bed, still naked, and gazing at her with those gorgeous gipsy eyes, studying everything Julia did and every inch of her body. Julia threw a look at her own lean, white figure in the mirror. She was standing with a hand between her legs and her gaff askew, half way between her knees and her hips, which felt somewhat less than graceful and dignified, and she wondered what Nina was seeing that was so entrancing.
“What?” she asked, smiling.
“Nothing. I did wonder where they went, when … you know.”
Julia grinned. “They don’t go very far, worry not.”
Nina stretched herself long, like a happy cat, still gazing hungrily at her, eating her with her eyes.
And suddenly Julia stiffened. “Oh dear,” she said.
“What?” asked Nina, in a somewhat comical echo of what Julia had said less than a minute earlier.
“Er … ahem. Stop looking at me. Just don’t. I can’t tuck it with a hard-on!”
Nina covered her face with her hands, vainly trying to suppress a fit of laughter. “I didn’t do anything. I didn’t!”
Julia was laughing too by now. It was hopeless. She let the whole lot hang out again and took two short steps to the bed (the gaff half-way up made it impossible to step out properly). She kneeled on the bed and started tickling Nina’s feet, the back of her knees and her sides.
“I didn’t do anything, I didn’t,” Nina repeated, between peals of laughter.
“Ah, but you were thinking, don’t deny that you were thinking.
“Ok, ok, maybe I was, a little bit, please stop, stop, please!” Nina turned on her side, and curled up in a tight ball, still shaking with laughter. Julia stopped tickling her and pushed her on her belly, wiggled out of the gaff, then straddled Nina’s small buttocks and leaned down to nuzzle her neck and the back of her head.
“What were you thinking, you imp? Mh? What were you thinking?”
She bit gently into Nina’s earlobe and kissed her cheek. Nina smiled beatifically.
“That you are an elf, an angel, a goddess.”
“A female-female she-goddess? Really, with all this embarrassment hanging out all over the place like this?”
She let her cock and her smooth, smooth balls brush Nina’s buttocks, smiled and kissed her again.
“Always. You will always be a goddess to me,” murmured Nina, drinking in the kisses, her eyes closed. Her hand searched for Julia’s hand, their fingers wove together of their own accord, and Nina drew the hand closer to kiss Julia’s fingertips one by one, adoringly. Julia smiled and pressed her breasts down on Nina’s back, rubbing them gently on her shoulder blades.
She kissed Nina again and again, on her temple, cheek, eyelid, nose, the corner of her mouth. She was so precious. Sleek, small-boned, but fierce and sharp, like a bird of prey, hooded and caged, but never quite tamed. And I have set you free, and you chose to fly to me.
“I love you. Darling,” she whispered in her ear, in her huskiest, deepest voice, and Nina shuddered all over while her spine gave a twist, as Julia knew it would. Nina turned under her, to hug her and draw her body down. Julia moved her knees within Nina’s legs, and just like that, without any difficulty, her untimely erection found a place to go.
So wet. How can you become so wet just by looking at me? What do you see that nobody else ever saw? What do you see that even I don’t see? Julia sank her face in Nina’s neck, to kiss her, bite her, whisper in her ear, yes, oh yes, whisper and murmur and cajole, until my voice will make you melt, my love, my love, my love.

You can also find an exclusive excerpt on my website, here:
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10 September 2017

A Chat with Elizbeth Monvey!

Hello Elizabeth!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

I used to travel with my parents every summer from the mid-west to the east coast, and we'd drive through some of the most beautiful country in America. For days, I'd watch the tractor trailers drive by, see the truckers in the truck stops, and how they'd bunk down in their rigs.  I never thought it was glamorous, but I did think it was an interesting life.  And a lonely one. One day the character of Kyle, running from his past, came to me and how it would be a normal way to turn to the the big trucks to escape something.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

 Yes, this was a previously published book under my real name, which I've decided to separate from my Male/Male romance stories.  Although it was previously published, when I got the rights back, I did an extensive overhaul of the story and tightened it. Almost five thousand extra words were added, so I consider this a complete rewrite.

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

No, I don't. I usually write as the story comes to me.  I may do some chapter outlines, so I know where to put what, but that's about as much plotting as I do.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

I tend to place my stories in cities or places I know, so I'm able to put as much detail about the background as possible. I think it adds a believable layer to the story.

Q) What are your upcoming projects? 

Truthfully, I'm not sure.  I had a goal this year that I've met, by releasing this story and the sequel to "Dark Rider" titled "Dark Journey", and with those two met, I'm going to clear my mind and see what male/male romances I want to write.  I loved writing the "My Boyfriend Is..." series, so I might write a few more of those, or maybe start another Romance on the Go series.  Whatever it is, I'm excited to see where my imagination takes me.

Run So Far Blurb

When Kyle stumbles into a truck stop diner, he just wants a bit of time to try to remember the weekend that had changed his life. When Delaney Vance invites him to travel with him across the US, Kyle thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to relax and find his memories.  As the two men start to get comfortable with each other, unexpected emotions start to develop on both sides. 

Del is a man trying to forget the past and he’s done a pretty good job of it away from people, trucking for a living and forgoing personal relationships.  But all of that changes as Kyle worms his way into Del’s heart.

The past is about to catch up with both of them.  With Kyle’s memories come a difficult and scary decision to make…ruin his family or hide the truth.  Can Del help him navigate a future when he himself can’t shake the ghosts of his own past?


All through Del’s nightly ablution, Kyle feigned sleep, catching only glimpses through half-opened eyes of wet, tanned skin. When he climbed up to his bed wearing only low riding flannel pants, he revealed a heavily muscled chest and arms with a smattering of hair that tapered down and disappeared into the waistband. Several tattoos decorated his biceps and back, mostly military in design.
Was it wrong to lust after a man he’d just met? Kyle had met lots of men he’d been instantly attracted to, but the impact Delaney Vance had on his senses was unlike anything he’d felt before. It made him hesitate, however, because he wasn’t sure if it was simply the situation that made the allure all that more potent. Still, he seemed to be in a constant state of arousal around Del and if he’d been alone, he would’ve taken his dick in hand and eased the pressure from his lustful thoughts.
So instead of focusing on Del’s magnetism, he tried to steer his thought back to the problem that had landed him here. Once again, he tried to concentrate on the events that happened last weekend, going step by step through the time line. Somewhere along the way the fog had to clear so he could remember every detail and sent a silent curse to his cousin, Brian, for placing him in the situation in the first place. Had he known what Brian was up to that night he never would have tagged along. Of course, had he known what was going to happen, he would never have snapped the picture.
But he had and he did.
Kyle rolled over onto his side. He wished the night would last forever. Simply hide in Del’s rig and forget the outside world. Forget his family. Forget the picture in his camera.
What could he do now? What should he do?
He could never go to the police back home because he couldn’t trust the police in Baltimore. But if he went to the police in Richmond, would they have jurisdiction rights?
Did murder trump state lines?

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09 September 2017

Casey Moss Visits with her New Otherworldly MC Series!

Hello Casey!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?
Yes. Transcending Fire is the first story in the New World Bikers series. This series follows the lives of people from different biker clans in a dystopian society on Earth and in alternate realms, and how they deal with life and love.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?
This story took over two years to make it out into the world. I’d written it back in 2015, and while it tried to find a home, I continued to work on it and it went from about 34K words up to the 55K+ word book it is now.

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?
I’d written the original version for a specific line (regarding fairy tales) at another publisher. Just as I was ready to submit the book, they closed that line. :( I was bummed, but it gave me a chance to tweak the story and add more to it.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I have the next two books for the New World Bikers series outlined, so I’m working on them. Under my C.R. name, I’m working on a time travel story, and since I’ve just gotten rights back on four short stories, I’ll be tweaking them and making them into contemporary westerns like the others I have out.

Hello! It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a release, and now I can say all that’s changed. A big thank you to my host for allowing me to visit today and share my story Transcending Fire. This erotic, futuristic, dystopian story based around different motorcycle gangs has had quite a journey to get to this point. Perhaps one day I’ll share the two-plus-year jaunt this story went through to find a home. Luckily, it finally has. Even with all the trials it went through, I still love this story. It’s one of my favorites that I’ve written, and one that I didn’t get tired of during the editing process either. Yay!
A man dealing with an Earth in chaos. A woman from an alternate universe hoping to find her destiny. Two motorcycle gangs and a real bad ass who wants to ruin everything. What’s not to like?


 Hunter Macario wants one thing—a place to belong. When given an opportunity to solidify his position in the motorcycle club, Devil’s Thunder, he takes it.

Dragon’s Clan member, Safaia King, believes she’s found the man from her people’s legend and her dreams. She has one goal, even if he’s in a rival club—to make Hunter hers and keep him safe so he can fulfill their destiny.

After Hunter makes a huge mistake, he’s sent to where Safaia lives—an alternate universe called The Den. In this new world, sex, battles, and secrets abound. Hunter must survive The Den to right some wrongs or else he could lose everything he’s ever gained, including his home and Safaia’s love.


A wicked glint lit her eyes, and a playful grin spread across her face. She smoothed a hand down his hard chest. “I love the definition of your muscles, Hunter, how they shudder beneath my fingers when I touch you.” Inch by inch, she continued sliding her hand down his torso. She moved her hand between his skivvies and skin. Saf circled his cock and stroked him in time with the motions of his fingers within her. Desire pulsed through his body, setting it aflame. She pressed her face against his chest and playfully bit his pectoral as she rode his hand.

Adrenaline and arousal increased his breathing rate, and a warm buzz raced through him. The pull between them seemed so intense, undeniable, as if they had to be together or perish. He felt like one of the club’s customers addicted to black chip and needing a fix before he went crazy with want. And his drug of choice?

Safaia. Always and forever Safaia.

He wanted to eat her up. “I want to taste you. Lick up your juices and have you squirm beneath my face.” Hunter yanked down her jeans and repositioned her until her ass was at the edge of the boulder.

Sinking to his knees, he placed himself between her legs. Looking forward to tasting her sweetness and feel her softness after facing the harsh realities of his life, he traced a line of gentle kisses along her inner thigh from her knee to her pussy and then fastened his mouth on the sensitive folds between her legs. When he dipped his tongue into her canal, she shifted her butt to allow him better access. He reached up and snaked his rough hands under her shirt, concerned only for a moment whether she enjoyed or loathed the coarse touch of his dry, work-worn skin. She moved the cloth and her bra out of the way.

Seems she doesn’t mind.

Pushing away all his thoughts and focusing on her—his carnal treasure—Hunter kneaded her tits while he teased her clit. He loved the taste and scent of her musky flesh and lapped up her essence as he said he would.

She grasped his head, weaving her fingers in his hair. “Oh, great Universe. This is. This is.” She panted and grappled with his locks as a low, deep moan rolled from her throat. “I think I’m going to come.”

The first night they’d met, their lovemaking had been hot and fast, more wham bam thank you than let’s linger and relish this. This time, though, he wanted to savor her, make her feel all sorts of naughty pleasure as he took his own.

Saf bucked and tried to scooch away, but he grabbed her hips and kept her from moving away from him. Unrelenting, he tongue fucked her. She struggled and wriggled, but he continued his assault, plunging his tongue in and out of her, licking up her wetness, and nipping at her clit. Safaia pressed the back of his head and lifted her ass. Spasms racked her body. She cried out his name.

Bringing her to orgasm thrilled him, but his selfish streak came forward. He wanted to enjoy her and feel his own pleasure, so he rose, stepped back, and removed his jeans.

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BIO ~ Casey Moss

Casey Moss delves into the darker aspects of life in her writing, sometimes basing the stories on reality, sometimes on myth. No matter the path, her stories will take you on a journey from the light-hearted paranormal to dark things unspeakable. What waits around the corner? Come explore…

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05 September 2017

Q & A with Jaqueline Snowe!

Hello Jaqueline!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?
            Yes! Challenge Accepted is a part of the Cheat Chasers series. Cleat Chasers follows the passionate, exciting and dramatic lives of Callie, Zade and their friends as they go through college and navigate what lies beyond. There is baseball…lots of baseball as Callie, Greta and Zaria follow the men in their lives.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?
            All of the food or recipes that are mentioned are the ones my dad taught me. In the story, Callie rebels against her dad for forcing her to learn how to cool to support herself. Rather than tell him she enjoys it, she puts up a fight. That may or may not have a little truth to it.

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?
            Baseball. Plain and simple. Its my favorite sport – and its romantic.  My husband and I went to Cubs games once we began dating ten years ago and it became a tradition. Last year, the Cubs made the playoffs and eventually won the world series. (I sobbed tears of joy and we sprayed champagne in our place after. We still regret that) That is when the inspiration hit to write Challenge Accepted.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?
            Music is key for me. Every time I sit down to write, each character or book I’m working on has a specific playlist. Once a song or two is essentially “assigned” to a book, I make a short ten song playlist that I put on repeat. I know it takes hours writing and you would think I get sick of the same ten songs, but I don’t. Even now, whenever I hear a certain song out in public, I’m immediately transferred back to a chapter or scene. Also, there is always lots of coffee. Copious amounts of black, strong coffee.

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?
     Callie and Zade formed in my head and bothered me until I got their story out. The story developed from there. I sat down one day and began typing and continued until my fingers and wrists hurt. Callie and Zade seemed so real to me, so their interactions and personalities were easy to write.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?
       I remember reading once that every book someone writes contains elements of their real life and I have to agree. Zade comes from a family of strong, independent women. I do as well.  Callie likes to cook, but refuses to tell her dad he was right. Again, that hits home.

But the biggest element that comes from my real life is the passion my husband and I have for baseball. The scene where Callie and Zade meet, she is wearing a hat that is not well known at all, unless you were a die-hard Tigers fan. My husband has that hat and every time he wears it, someone out of the blue will comment. In the world of baseball, there are diehard fans and I set out to write a ‘love story’ to baseball.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?
       The second book in Cleat Chasers has kept me quite busy. Greta is different from Callie. More forward, confident, and wild. Her story has changed paths from my original intention – which is sometimes more fun.  

Also, I’m working on another series centering around sports. The Fair Game series follows three couples—even if they don’t know it yet—as they tackle the first steps of finding their dream jobs in the fast-paced world of sports. They’re just starting out in life and love…and everything between. The high-drama, challenge-filled time in their lives where they are expected to have everything figured out blends the excitement of a new romance with the anxiety of the unknown.   There will be more info to come, it’s still in the works!

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