12 April 2011

Shermaine Williams Says...

Q) What writers do you feel spearheaded erotica as it is today?

Wow—that is a very good question, but one that is still quite difficult to answer because there are so many factors involved.

The main difficulty with the answer arises due to the sheer number of erotica writers out there. It makes it impossible to lay the credit at the door of any individual. The likes of Jackie Collins, Barbara Cartland, D. H. Lawrence and many Mills and Boon writers have opened the door to allow writers to develop the genre further.

Sub-genre is also a factor as some writers stick to one whilst others write within many, so how to you compare the contribution made? As M/M is more popular than F/F, for example, I don’t think that should mean that writers of the latter should get sidelined.

As with anything, it is a matter of opinion—some people love Shakespeare’s plays, others can’t stomach them. I think it is up to individual readers to decide for themselves who has spearheaded erotica for them. We all have personal likes and dislikes that help us find our favourite writers.

Shermaine Williams is a London-based writer of erotic fiction who has titles released with several different publishers. Her contemporary stories fall within a number of different sub-genres, such as interracial, BDSM and paranormal. Lean and Mean is her latest release with Total-E-Bound.

Shermaine Williams
Purveyor of erotic interludes

10 April 2011

Movie Monday - Jennifer's Body

There are some parts in films that certain stars are perfect for, and I think Megan Fox nailed it on the head playing a demonic possessed high schooler eating boys. That being said, I enjoyed this movie in a purely dumb, gory-yet-funny way.

Amanda Seyfried plays Needy, a girl whose best friend, Jennifer, is a popular and beautiful cheerleader, played by Megan Fox. How these two are BFF is a mystery and yet at the same time you realize why these two girls are drawn together. Needy “needs” someone like Jennifer in her life to make her feel wanted, while Jennifer clearly uses Needy to boost her own emotional insecurity. Things change, however, when they go to the local bar to see a band called Low Shoulder.

Low Shoulder’s lead singer is hungry for fame and fortune. So he comes up with the idea of making a sacrifice to satan in the form of a virgin. Unfortunately, they go after Jennifer who is, lets face it, the least virginal person in the whole tiny town. The ritual is carried out and the band gets famous but the side effect of this whole thing is that Jennifer gets a demonic transference, one that needs to eat people to survive.

Yes, the whole movie is awful. But if you recognize and ignore that fact and embrace this film as a campy, fun horror-slash-dramady, then it makes for a great eating popcorn on the couch film while it rains cats and dogs outside. My favorite line in the whole thing is towards the end, when Jennifer gets stabbed with a big stake and is bleeding buckets of blood, she looks at Needy and says “You got a tampon?”

Clearly this film is not for everyone. I think it gets a solid four out of ten stars. But I’m not hard to please when it comes to entertainment and I really adore Amanda Seyfried. Will I be watching it again? Probably, the next time it rains.

06 April 2011

Keta Diablo Says...

Q) Where do you find the inspiration for your super HOT men?

Thanks so much, Beth, for hosting me on your lovely blog. I'm happy 
I found you because I'm following your blog now.
Many have asked me where I get my inspiration, and the the answer is 
from several places. I'm a vivid dreamer, and believe it or not, many 
times I remember my dreams the next morning. I also keep a notepad 
on my nightstand, and yes, there have been times I've turned on the 
lamp in the middle of the night and jotted down notes about my latest 
journey in dreamland.
Another place I often find inspiration is from research. I'm a huge history nut.  
Makes sense that I write historical and at times combine the genre with 
paranormal. Last September Where The Rain Is Made was released by Decadent 
Publishing. Many times there is a story behind the books we write as there is 
with WTRIM. When my youngest son was 12, he took a sudden interest in 
the Native American tribes. This led us to the library on many occasions. We 
checked out everything available and soon my son zeroed in on the Cheyenne 
Dog Soldiers. He found their customs and beliefs fascinating and their ending tragic. 
About a year after that, he moved onto another fascination -- the Mafia if I 
remember correctly -- and here I was with all this research on the Native Americans.  
It made sense to write a book about the Dog Soldiers and put our hard work to use. 
I hope to continue my Native American paranormals by moving on to some other tribes.  
Their culture is steeped in mysticism and spirituality. 
Oh, and by the way, Where The Rain Is Made has been nominated for a Bookie 
Award by a wonderful group called Authors After Dark. You can read the five-star 
reviews on Amazon http://amzn.to/fSjyOv 
Today I'm here to tell you about Sojourn With A Stranger, another
historical/paranormal (think ghosts!). Watch for the release of Sojourn on 
Kindle in March.
Namaste, Keta
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03 April 2011

Movie Monday - Movie Trailer Breakdown!

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil- The sequel to 2005’s Hoodwinked that stared Anne Hathaway as Little Red Riding Hood. I saw the first and really liked it, even though the animation wasn’t as sophisticated as it could have been. The new one has Hayden Panettiere as Red and it looks like the animation hasn’t come all that far in six years. I have a sneaky suspicion that the trailer has shown us all the best parts of this movie.

Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula- Yes, this really is a movie that is coming out though it was filmed in 2008. After seeing the trailer I can understand why it took three years to find a distributor! I suppose someone thought it would be cool to see the 1930’s outlaws take on a vampire…why not? Vampires are cool now-a-days. But I think that someone had a few too many drinks. This movie is being compared to Shaun of the Dean and Zombieland…uh, really?

Kung Fu Panda 2 – This trailer had me laughing out loud, which is a really good thing. All the star voices are back, thank goodness…couldn’t see Master Shifu as having any other voice but Dustin Hoffman. We got some new ones too…Gary Oldman, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Michelle Yeoh to name a few. So two big thumbs up, I’ll be eagerly waiting!

The Conspirator- Okay, any trailer that has James McAvoy in it I am definitely interested! Based upon the trial of Mary Surratt, this movie takes into the days immediately following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. History shows that she and three others were hanged for the conspiracy but what really happened, eh? Directed by Robert Redford and staring Robin Wright as Surratt, this should be a great film!

Bad Teacher- Cameron Diaz stars as a teacher who is just biding her time till she can find a rich husband…enter the sub (and heir to a famous watch company) played by Justin Timberlake. Weren’t they dating at one time? Oh well, Cameron doesn’t see to go out on a stretch in this one as she goes from foul mouth teacher to one with a heart of gold. The jokes didn’t seem funny enough to merit $12.00 for a ticket…mental checklist: Netflix.

Friends With Benefits- Not to be confused with the other Friends With Benefits …wait, that was No Strings Attached…whatever! This film with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake actually seems like it’ll be hilarious. I don’t think I’d mind shelling out the exorbitant ticket price to go see if it produces that chuckles I had while watching the trailer.

And the Winner is....Kung Fu Panda 2!!!