10 April 2011

Movie Monday - Jennifer's Body

There are some parts in films that certain stars are perfect for, and I think Megan Fox nailed it on the head playing a demonic possessed high schooler eating boys. That being said, I enjoyed this movie in a purely dumb, gory-yet-funny way.

Amanda Seyfried plays Needy, a girl whose best friend, Jennifer, is a popular and beautiful cheerleader, played by Megan Fox. How these two are BFF is a mystery and yet at the same time you realize why these two girls are drawn together. Needy “needs” someone like Jennifer in her life to make her feel wanted, while Jennifer clearly uses Needy to boost her own emotional insecurity. Things change, however, when they go to the local bar to see a band called Low Shoulder.

Low Shoulder’s lead singer is hungry for fame and fortune. So he comes up with the idea of making a sacrifice to satan in the form of a virgin. Unfortunately, they go after Jennifer who is, lets face it, the least virginal person in the whole tiny town. The ritual is carried out and the band gets famous but the side effect of this whole thing is that Jennifer gets a demonic transference, one that needs to eat people to survive.

Yes, the whole movie is awful. But if you recognize and ignore that fact and embrace this film as a campy, fun horror-slash-dramady, then it makes for a great eating popcorn on the couch film while it rains cats and dogs outside. My favorite line in the whole thing is towards the end, when Jennifer gets stabbed with a big stake and is bleeding buckets of blood, she looks at Needy and says “You got a tampon?”

Clearly this film is not for everyone. I think it gets a solid four out of ten stars. But I’m not hard to please when it comes to entertainment and I really adore Amanda Seyfried. Will I be watching it again? Probably, the next time it rains.

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