12 April 2011

Shermaine Williams Says...

Q) What writers do you feel spearheaded erotica as it is today?

Wow—that is a very good question, but one that is still quite difficult to answer because there are so many factors involved.

The main difficulty with the answer arises due to the sheer number of erotica writers out there. It makes it impossible to lay the credit at the door of any individual. The likes of Jackie Collins, Barbara Cartland, D. H. Lawrence and many Mills and Boon writers have opened the door to allow writers to develop the genre further.

Sub-genre is also a factor as some writers stick to one whilst others write within many, so how to you compare the contribution made? As M/M is more popular than F/F, for example, I don’t think that should mean that writers of the latter should get sidelined.

As with anything, it is a matter of opinion—some people love Shakespeare’s plays, others can’t stomach them. I think it is up to individual readers to decide for themselves who has spearheaded erotica for them. We all have personal likes and dislikes that help us find our favourite writers.

Shermaine Williams is a London-based writer of erotic fiction who has titles released with several different publishers. Her contemporary stories fall within a number of different sub-genres, such as interracial, BDSM and paranormal. Lean and Mean is her latest release with Total-E-Bound.

Shermaine Williams
Purveyor of erotic interludes

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