30 May 2012

The Music of Poetry

When I had my first novel published, there were certain genres I wanted to write.  One of them was a rock and roll love story.  With “In A Chord”, I actually had the characters long before I began writing the story, and certainly longer than the title.  The title, if some of you noticed, is a play on words.  For non-musical souls, a chord is three notes sung or played together in harmony.  I thought it perfect for Keaton, Ash and Momo.

My artistic abilities have always been in writing words, not music, though I have co-written a country song with my dear friend Gis Johannsson titled “Don’t Talk About Luv” (and can be found here:

Gis and I had a tumultuous romance many years ago and he inspired a lot of poetry at that time in my life, including the one featured in “In A Chord”.  Anyway, I digress…going back to wanting to write a rock and roll story, Momo was the inspiration for me to take the storyline more punk.  I adore K-drama and had just finished watching “Boys Over Flowers”.  Yes, I know Momo is Japanese, but I had fallen in love with the name and, well, went with J-Drama on this one.

I try to keep names within a book contained in some type of weird coincidence that usually only I know.  For “In A Chord”, we have Keaton and his band Endymion, after John Keats and his poem.  The manager is Byron George, obviously after Lord Byron.  And Ash’s last name is an ode to Lancelot.  Momo’s last name is Willow, my personal farewell to Katherine Willows on CSI.  Originally, Momo’s last name was Bahlinger. 

Anyway, in honor of poetry within the back story of “In A Chord”, I am posting another poem I wrote many years ago.  I don’t think it’s very good, but to win a free copy of “In A Chord” please tell me what you think of it!  I promise, if you say it’s a piece of crap you’re still entered to win!  And if you’re wondering whether the poem is about Gis or not, well, that’s for another blog…

The strangled weary cry I hear
            buried deep within,
Tickles all my senses, like a
            feather born in sin.
One small step we take together
            you jump one far apart.
So how can I hold onto love
            when it’s breaking up my heart?

Like a thousand little deaths I fear
            my body outward cries.
I rationalize the taunting threats,
            in savagery denies,
That such a love as this could be,
            to clear to be defined.
And finds me letting go so slow,
            still further down the line.

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29 May 2012

Contest to win IN A CHORD!

Keaton Gates and Ashland Lance are lovers and musicians in a band called Endymion. Keaton believes there is something missing, not only from the sound of their music, but also in their lives. When he hears Momo Willows singing Endymion’s signature song, he knows she’s the muse he’s been waiting for.
At first, Ash Lance is jealous of the new girl in Keaton’s life until he meets her. Momo is unlike anyone he’s ever met, and they soon discover that they connect on many levels. But he’s reluctant to take her away from Keaton, just as Momo refuses to come between them.
Keaton is quick to assure them he wants all three of them to learn to be in a ménage relationship, but as they learn how to live and love together, another threat is moving between them, threatening to take Momo away…forever.

**Release day is THURSDAY, May 31st!  Blog contest will start Friday with a winner's name drawn on Monday!  All you have to do is leave a comment (and don't forget to leave a way to contact you!).  One randome winner receives the PDF version of In A Chord!  

22 May 2012

UPDATE: Meet Wendy Grischow!

I've been fortunate to meet a wonderful new author...Wendy Grischow!   Her first book, The Crimson Teardrop, has been released by Secret Cravings Publishing!  You can find it here: http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=31&products_id=330

Please welcome Wendy with me as we learn a little about her!

1)  Tell us a little about yourself!  Have you always wanted to write stories?

Yes, I had my first story printed in our local newspaper when I was 8.  I loved to go to the library when I was younger and would go every chance I got.  I would read as many books as I could an then start writing one, lol.  I never finished writing any as far as I have with The Crimson Teardrop.  I did however take a break for 10- 15 years.  I was living on my own and only reading minimal, then I met my husband and started my family.  It's been 3 years since I started writing again.

2)  How does it feel being a new author?

Fun, exciting, scary.  There is so much to learn now.  Writing the book is fun and rewarding in itself, but when I got the publishing contract is when I started really learning.  It's great to meet so many different people with the same interest.  Everyone at Secret Cravings Publishing is so kind and helpful.  When they find out you are new, they are all so willing to help answer any questions!!
3) What inspires you and your stories?

 Sometimes we will be driving and there will be a certain type of home and/or property and it sparks something inside of me.  I usually have to go home and start writing then.   But mostly I find that a rainy day sparks the writer in me.
4)  Are you working on anything at the moment?

I am actually very close to finishing a short story, and I started two other stories that I am dying to get back to.  The characters are yelling at me to come back, but my house always seems so crazy, lol.

5) Who are some of your favorite authors and what are your aspirations for the future?

 I can't really say I have a favourite author.  I like so many kinds of books, if I read the back and it interests me I read it.  I usually listen to friends and family for their recommendations on what to read next as well.  I would love to be able to write stories all day.  I love creating stories full of twists and turns that you can't figure out until the end.  Those are my favourite to write.

The Crimson Teardrop will be published with Secret Cravings Publishing and is projected to be released in May


Have you ever wondered if there was more to your life?  Clari often wondered, but continued living what seems to be just a normal life.  She goes to work and lives her life day in and day out, until one day she gets a phone call that will change her life forever.  Her Great Auntie has passed away and she must tend to her estate, but once she arrives there, she gets more than she has bargained for.   Unwelcome visitors, strange occurrences and learns of a whole new life lying in wait just for her.  Will she be able to handle it all?  Maybe it's too late and there is no turning back, only time will tell.


21 May 2012

Winner(s) of Hop Against Homophobia

I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Hop Against Homophobia!  This was a great weekend and I got a lot of wonderful comments.  

I thought of a wonderful comeback comment to anyone who says to me that "they" think same sex couples shouldn't have rights, that "they" think it's amoral and God doesn't love them.  I'm going to say, "Once upon a time a group of people thought the same thing about African Americans and about Jews.  Do you share those opinions too?"

I have two lucky winners, picked by my wonderful son who thought picking names was great fun!  The first winner is Foretta, the second is Kerry!  I'll be emailing them today.  Again, thank you everyone!

16 May 2012

M/M Romance - Hop Against Homophobia!


When I read there was a blog hop called Hop Against Homophobia, I wanted in immediately!  I’ve been a long time supporter for gay rights, in fact all of my family and friends have as well, so I feel honored to be part of this for the International Day Against Homophobia which is May 17th.  Thank you Erica, K-Lee and NJ!

Whenever I read something or see someone propagating homophobia, it’s like a knife driving into my heart.  How could I be part of such an intelligent race that still harbors such deep fear of people and beliefs that are different?  Whether it’s intolerance against people other than Caucasian, religion other than Christian, or love other than heterosexual, I don’t understand what goes on in these discriminators minds.  How they feel justified in preaching humanity when they deny the most basic human nature...love.  

Every time I feel like the human race has crossed one hurdle, another seems to pop up.  To deny a same-sex couple the right to marry is like telling an African-American they have to sit at the back of the bus.  It’s just absolutely WRONG.  It’s a step backward for equality, and haven’t we’ve already seen through history just how wrong it is to deny equality?  Nothing matters but the heart of a person.  Not their skin color, not who they worship, and certainly not who they love.

One thing I love about the explosion of ebook publishing is the breaking down of all types of censure.  Readers are now able to explore different passions and a side of sexuality that hadn't been so easily available.  So many different love stories are visited now, from male/male love to multiple partners, and I’m thrilled to be part of this turn of events.  I feel like writers of M/M romances are the forefront of a revolution, that we are paving the way for a change tomorrow.

I recently wrote my first M/M romance novella title You Can Run, through Loose Id and I’m offering the PDF ebook of this title to a lucky winner!  To enter, simply leave a comment to this blog.  The winner will be chosen by my lovely five year old son (whom I'm always telling it's okay to have a boyfriend) by picking a winning name from a bowl.

BUT please visit the other bloggers on this tour and support Hop Against Homophobia at:   http://hopagainsthomophobia.blogspot.com/ 

15 May 2012

And my winner for the Blog Hop!

WOW!  What a great Blog Hop!  I had so many great kisses and not one given twice!

I knew exactly the movie Mel Bourn was talking about with Isabeau and Captain Etienne!  One of my favorite movies "Lady Hawke"!  And yes, the kiss between Aragorn and Arwen in LOTR: RotK was smokin' hot!

I want to say a special thanks to Jessica, Nancy, Tracey D., Flchen1, Tammy Ramey, and Shadow for visiting my blog.  Shadow, I'm friends with Laurann Dohner so I'll pass on your kind words!!

And CMTorrens, you're absolutely right...a story kiss can be just as potent!  I love how Lisa Kleypas writes kisses.

So...here are my two winners!  ( I had so many responses I decided to have two winners!)  The first winner is ReneAva!  The second is Anonymous (AKA Jess1)!  Thanks so much to all for visiting my blog!

08 May 2012

TRR Blog Hop!.. How to Write a Kiss

One of the things I have to do as a writer of erotica romance is describe the art of a kiss.  After all, a kiss is everything.  The dictionary defines a kiss as to join lips in respect, affection, love, passion.  How romantic does that sound, eh?  There is a Chinese Proverb that says “kissing is like drinking salted water, you drink and your thirst increases”.  After all, a first kiss represents the spark of love, the hope of the future, quivers in the belly, and tingly sensations all over the body. 

It should be easy, right?  Writing a kiss should be the easiest thing in the world for someone like me.  But capturing the beautiful act of kissing can be extremely difficult to describe.  A written kiss has to be just the right blend of romantic and Oh la la! with no hint of being wet, sloppy or smacking (as I’m sure we’ve all experienced at least once in our lifetime!)

In my first novel, Black Leather Pants, this is how I wrote Kiley and Penny’s first kiss:
Kiley's tongue slid into her mouth, twined with hers, danced, jolting a salacious moan from her. He explored each hidden corner. In and out he plunged, sweeping aside any doubt that this was exactly where she needed to be at this moment.”

Also, writing such a monumental step as a kiss in the love story of two people has to be stimulating for the reader.  It’s my job to not only write a believable love scene, but to bring that love scene to life.  So sometimes dragging out that first prolonged moment can be sweet torture. 

In The Scarlet Dove, my latest release, I wrote: "He leaned his head down again, going little by little, watching her.  His tongue ran over the seam of her lips, darting to each corner and then tracing them with little licks. Slowly, he sensed her passion flare. Her body relaxed, her fingers clenched his, and then she moaned and opened her mouth, allowing his tongue to slip inside her moist cavern, and he was lost. The world, their situation, Reynolds and Blue…everything disappeared."

So how does a writer write a kiss?  We close our eyes and jump back to that first moment, when we experienced that soul shattering kiss that changed us forever.  We write them from our heart, from our hopes and wishes, we draw them out from every movie and book that turned us on.  We study kisses, deconstruct them, fantasize about them.  I love watching people kiss.  One of the hottest kisses I think I've ever seen was between Kyle Reece and Sarah Connor in Terminator (the original).  

While there are many ways to write a kiss, and many different scenarios to engage in a kiss, perhaps the most rewarding is that kiss when the happily ever after starts.  Love stories start with a kiss, and though they may not end specifically with one, the reader knows that the kiss is there, waiting in our imagination when we turn the last page.

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02 May 2012

The End of Robin Hood


Recently, I was able to finish watching the BBC show 'Robin Hood', thanks to Netflix streaming.  I had watched the first two series years ago (in Britain tv show seasons are called series) but had dropped Netflix before the 3rd & final series came out.

Truthfully, I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch the ending.  In the 2nd series finale, Marian is killed.  Run through with a sword and dies in Robin's arms just seconds after they marry.  I was totally in shock because 1) this is Robin Hood!  Marian can't die! & 2) I'm a romantic at heart so for true love to be ripped apart in such a manner is blasphemy to me.

So I built up my nerve to watch Jonas Armstrong swashbuckle his way once more through Sherwood.  Let's face it, who wouldn't want to watch Jonas Armstrong do...well, anything!  The man is just divine!  But I digress, and believe me I can do a lot of digressing over JA.  Anyway, I watched the 13 episodes only to have him die by being cut with a poisoned dagger!  The only saving grace was the beautiful way Marian reappears. Robin takes her hand.  She pulls him up, embraces him.

"My wife," he says, happily.
"Now and forever, my love," she answers.

He hugs her tightly and swings her around as light pours over them.  And then it flashes back to his hand and we see it fall away.  We hear his breathing stop.  He has joined Marian in heaven.

Okay, for the romantic in me that was potent stuff!

So why am I writing about a tv show that ended years ago?  Because viewers tune into a tv show because we fall in love with the characters.  We take their journey with them, wherever it may go, even if its only for a little bit.  And when a character we love dies, it's like losing a member of our family.  A piece of our heart dies too.  Yes, I know its all fantasy and make believe, but connecting with characters goes deeper than that.  We are able to live vicariously through them; a brief reprieve from our humdrum lives.

Characters who die onscreen stay with us for a long time.  Robin and Marian's love will remain in my memory each and every time I write a happy ever after.  Fictional they may be, that is why we watch television.  But after all, my world revolves around fiction and true love.

For me, nothing is greater.

***Next week, find out my thoughts about Xena's final episode.