15 May 2012

And my winner for the Blog Hop!

WOW!  What a great Blog Hop!  I had so many great kisses and not one given twice!

I knew exactly the movie Mel Bourn was talking about with Isabeau and Captain Etienne!  One of my favorite movies "Lady Hawke"!  And yes, the kiss between Aragorn and Arwen in LOTR: RotK was smokin' hot!

I want to say a special thanks to Jessica, Nancy, Tracey D., Flchen1, Tammy Ramey, and Shadow for visiting my blog.  Shadow, I'm friends with Laurann Dohner so I'll pass on your kind words!!

And CMTorrens, you're absolutely right...a story kiss can be just as potent!  I love how Lisa Kleypas writes kisses.

So...here are my two winners!  ( I had so many responses I decided to have two winners!)  The first winner is ReneAva!  The second is Anonymous (AKA Jess1)!  Thanks so much to all for visiting my blog!