30 August 2015

Doris O'Connor Visits with her New Shifter Novel!

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today with my newest release, Claimed by her Bears.

Based loosely on Goldilocks and the three bears, which happens to be one of my favourite Fairytales, and originally published as Goldie and her Bears, this story is really quite special to me. It started my love affair with bear shifters, and it was my first ménage.

I wrote the original version in a mad typing frenzy over one weekend, when those bears just wouldn’t let me rest, and you know, every bear shifter I have written since, has been the same. There is something about bears. They tend to be my raunchiest, most demanding heroes, and these three, are something else entirely. If you’ve read the original story, you know these bears are very, very naughty, but you know, they are even naughtier in this version. I’ve learnt a lot about writing sex since those early days, and delving into everyone’s point of view in this new and extended version has added another level of hotness. An extra 30K of hotness to be precise.


I had great fun writing these bears, so get ready for some yummy bear shifting kinky shenanigans. J


Take one very human girl. Add three bear shifters and one BDSM club. Shake well…

When Goldie Lockwood tumbles into the arms of the new CEO, she falls head over heels in lust with the enigmatic Dom. Interested in the lifestyle she might be, but Jason Stanhope seems way out of her league.

Jason’s bear wants nothing more than to bend Goldie over his desk and claim her right there, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. This bear shifter comes as a package deal—three for the prize of one. As the oldest of triplets, his mate will also have to submit to his brother and sister.

While Goldie responds beautifully to his training, will a weekend at the club be one step too far, or can she be the sweet sub the siblings need?

Revealing their bears might very well make Goldilocks live up to her name.


He had originally planned to spank her insolent ass, and then fuck her over his desk, but when she hadn’t appeared, his mood had darkened. For one soul wrenchingly disappointing second he’d thought she’d run out on him, and then his bear had picked up the scent of aroused woman. He’d tracked her down to the ladies’, and just when he thought he’d have to break the door in, she had appeared, and a new plan had taken hold.

Her untutored responses to him had made the Dom in him roar, and his bear had positively strutted at them. Fucking her now was out of the question. His volatile animal was too close to the surface, and he would not be able to resist biting her. No, it was far safer for everyone involved to consummate their relationship at the safety of the club, where his bear would be easier to control in the company of Jacob and Cat.

Besides, they had to establish the ground rules, and his little Goldilocks had some homework to do, starting right now.

He spread his legs and raised an eyebrow at her when she just stood there, staring at him open mouthed.

“I’m waiting, girl. If you can’t follow a simple instruction then this ain't gonna work out between us.”

She gasped at that, and grinning he reached out and shut her mouth with his index finger under her chin. A shudder went through her when he rubbed the pad of his thumb over her kiss swollen lips, and she pouted when he withdrew again.

“Can’t you just spank me or something, and get that punishment over with, please, Sir?”

Jason threw his head back and laughed, and her pout deepened, but when he shook his head, she gave an exaggerated sigh, and slowly inched the hemline of her skirt up.

It was his turn to groan when her pretty pink pussy lips came into view. Delightfully bare, they glistened in her dew, and his bear huffed his need for a taste of the nectar between her legs.

Jason had to clear his throat to get his voice to work, and the little minx grinned at him.
“Spread your legs, girl. Give your Sir a good view.”

With a groan to match his, Goldie complied, and Jason had to rub his aching shaft through his trousers to gain some relief, as her outer lips opened to reveal the bounty therein. Her inner lips darkened in color the longer he stared at them, as the blood rushed to that area. Her engorged clit stood proudly out its hood, almost daring him to devour it with his teeth, and her pussy hole clenched and released, causing more of her juices to trickle out of it and down the inside of her thighs.

“Now, that is a pretty sight, my girl. I bet you want to come pretty badly right now, don’t you.”


He smirked at her strangled answer, and taking his phone out of his pocket got to his knees to take some candid close up shots of his girl’s cunt. Both Jacob and Cat would sure appreciate those, not to mention he would, while he imagined himself balls deep inside that pretty flesh.

“What are you doing, Sir?” Her voice wobbled, but she didn’t close her legs either, and pride surged in him. Maybe this would work out after all. Not claiming her as his was already too painful to contemplate. All three of them would just have to work really hard to make her fall in love with them so that the small matter of them shifting into grizzlies wouldn’t freak her out too much.

He had a sudden vision of her running away screaming from the club when she found out about them like her namesake in the popular fairytale. He shook his head to free it of those disturbing thoughts, and getting back to his feet showed her the last picture he’d just taken.

“Just taking a picture of what’s mine, girl.”

Goldie glanced at the screen briefly and blushed crimson.

“No need to be ashamed, Goldilocks. You have the prettiest little cunt I've ever seen, and I can't wait to claim it.”

The hopeful look she threw his way made him laugh, and he shook his head.

“Not today though.” He pulled the hemline of her pencil skirt down and tapped her nose.

“You can close your legs now, but remember what I said. No making yourself come, and no panties. I’ll be checking to make sure you follow that rule, and if you don’t…” He grinned at her sharp intake of breath when he swatted her ass twice.

“You won't be able to sit that pretty behind of yours down for a week, got it?”

 “Yes, Sir,” she whispered, and he brushed his lips over hers, drinking in the scent of his woman.
“You have some homework to do first, and when I think you’re ready, we’ll be taking that step at the club.”

Her eyes widened anew at that proclamation.

“The club?” she asked. “Not the one all the staff is dying to find out about?”

Jason tapped her nose again and stepping away, pulled out the list of websites he’d printed off for her earlier out his trouser pocket.

“The very same, baby, only, you’re looking at the new owner. Well one of them. My sister and brother own a third each.”

“There’s more of you?” Her voice rose in her astonishment, and he knew now was the perfect time to test the waters.

“Yes, we’re triplets, and…” He let his words trail off waiting for her reaction, and she didn’t disappoint.

“Triplets? I guess that makes you really close, right?” she asked, and when he just shrugged his shoulders, she wrapped her arms around herself.

“Is there a reason you’re telling me this now?” she asked, and he nodded.

“Let’s just say, we like to share—everything.”

Available from Evernight Publishing and all other on-line retailers from September 1st.

For all other buy links, please check the book page here.

Author Bio

Doris is a writer of sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get.  From contemporary to paranormal, Sci-fi, BDSM, F/F, M/M, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

Happily married for the last twenty-five years, she lives with her husband and their brood of nine in a far too small house filled with love, laughter, and chaos.

Stalk her in these places

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28 August 2015

Ravenna Tate Visits with her NEW BOOK!

ONE NAUGHTY FANTASY **This book features the same three characters that are in SNOWBOUND**
***Click HERE to purchase directly from
Evernight Publishing***
Nina Santangeles has decided to give her lovers, Cameron Easton and Alex Gable, their ultimate fantasy. Dressed in a red plaid skirt, cotton blouse, bobby socks, and saddle shoes, she surprises them during a presentation they’re giving for architecture and design students at a university lecture hall, causing quite a stir.

When her men take her back to their hotel suite with the intention of punishing her for the naughty behavior as part of their role play fantasy, how far will she let them go?


They each held one of her hands in the hallway. Alex barely closed and locked the door to their hotel suite behind them before he lunged for her, covering her mouth in a hot kiss that surprised her. Her men were always on fire for her, but this was different. Their reaction was off the charts hot, and she had to assume it was the role playing.

She raked her hands over his back and tight ass, moaning into his open mouth. Pushing her hips against him, she wasn’t surprised to find his erection rock-hard. Behind her, Cameron reached under her skirt and grabbed her ass, groaning. Alex’s mouth released hers, and he nipped at her neck.

Nina started to unzip her skirt, but Cameron stopped her. “No. Leave it on, but take off the panties.”

Alex let go of her long enough to allow Nina to remove her panties and step out of them. Cameron took them from her, and she glanced over her shoulder to watch him bring them to his nose. It was so damn sexy she couldn’t stop the moan.

Nina turned her attention back to Alex and removed his tie, then unbuttoned his shirt. She peeled it off to reveal broad shoulders and fine dark hairs dusting his muscled chest. She loved their bodies. Both men were so damn gorgeous she could never get enough of them. “You work out, Mr. Gable.”

“Yeah. I do.”

“We both do,” said Cameron.

She ran her teeth over Alex’s nipples as she reached for his pants, unfastening the button above the zipper.

Behind her, Cameron grabbed her ass again. “Oh Christ … Nina …”

“Tell me what you both want,” she said, lifting her gaze to Alex’s eyes.

Alex swallowed hard. “I want to fuck you. Fuck you fucking silly.”

Cameron reached around and grasped her breasts through the cotton top. “I want to fill each of your holes, baby, all night long.” He let go of her breasts and smacked her ass, hard. Nina moaned. “I want to spank you for being such a bad girl. You interrupted a very important presentation for us, you know.”

He smacked her ass cheeks again, and she nearly came. “I know I did.”

“Now we need to punish you for it, and we need to fuck you hard for it.”

She giggled, tossing her hair. “Oh, you can fuck me, but I’m not so sure about the spanking part.” She had to pretend to protest something, after all. That had been part of their fantasy, but it was very difficult to get into the role now that she was alone in a beautiful hotel suite with them.

Alex turned her around so fast she nearly fell. He enveloped her in a bear hug from behind that was more sweet than lustful. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

Nina rubbed her ass against Alex’s erection, aching for his dick to fill her, as he nuzzled her neck. “I like you, too, Alex. I like both of you. Let’s get these clothes off you two and see what you have in your pants.”

“In a minute.” Alex nibbled at her neck and reached under her blouse to unhook her bra. Cameron helped him ease the straps off her shoulders under the fabric, and then Alex tossed the bra on the floor. He grasped her breasts, and Nina moaned loudly.

“Oh God, I love your tits.” Alex’s breath was warm in her ear, and the sensation of his hands on her breasts and his erection rubbing against her ass nearly brought her to orgasm.

Cameron shoved his hand under her skirt and rubbed her clit with his expert fingers, then pushed one inside her pussy. She was so damn wet they wouldn’t need lube. “I love wet pussies.”

Nina closed her eyes and absorbed the sensations of Alex kneading her breasts, his thumbs playing with her nipples, while Cameron finger-fucked her and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her climax was so close it was ridiculous.

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21 August 2015

Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition now Available! Welcome Elizabeth Monvey!

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Thank you so much for having me!  

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

 I thought it would be interesting to write about a Motorcycle club run by werewolves. It had been in the back of my mind for a while and when the Bad Alpha anthology came up I decided it was a good time to write out my vison.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

I love tying my stories together, so this book will tie into the last book of my Divergent Species series.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Not much.  Listening to music mostly.  

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Most of my stories are completely from imagination.   

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I'm trying to finish up the Divergent Species series.  I'm writing Declawed right now, which I plan to be a Romance on the Go...so a shorter story.  Then it's Hungry Like a Wolf (tentative title).  This might be a little longer because I have some story threads to tie up.  I'll be revisiting The Bone Crushers again, from Outlaw Wolf.


Dekker ran away from his pack in an order to protect his lover and Alpha, Grey, when he overheard two higher ranked wolves talk about killing him.  When Grey finds him six months later, Dekker tries to convince the man he loves to go away.  But Grey won’t take no and as the two talk it out, their mutual attraction overwhelms them.

In desperation, Dekker renounces Grey as his Alpha.

But when another force tries to punish Dekker by silencing him forever, Grey must choose which stand he’ll take…being the alpha for all his pack, or being the man Dekker needs, even if it means breaking the rules.


Awareness suddenly coursed through him, the same feeling just before lightning struck.  The anticipation of something momentous was just about to happen.  In slow motion, Dekker saw Grey stiffen.  Saw the biker raise his nose and sniff the air.  Like a deer caught in headlights, Dekker was unable to turn away as Grey scanned the room, and then their eyes met.  Locked.  The world disappeared around them.  He’d been a fool to think time and distance would’ve been enough to sever the bond that arched between them, in a mere instant the electrifying tangent that had always existed between them snapped tautly into place.
The second biker leaned into Grey, and Dekker dragged his gaze from Grey’s to glance at the other man.  Stones, the club’s enforcer, and the pack’s most vicious wolf.  He was older then them both by about twenty years, but Stones’ age had never been a liability.  He was the only person Dekker truly feared.
Grey shook his head sharply and walked away from Stones, heading directly toward him.  Dekker took a deep breath, unable to move or even look away.  Fury darkened Grey’s face, turning his golden eyes into cold flecks of amber.  The premature gray in his hair, responsible for his name, glowed in the dim lighting.  Dekker waited, gripping the broom handle tightly.  He couldn’t save himself.  There would be no turning and running away like last time. 
Grey came to a stop in front of him, glaring at him from his superior height.  They’d known each other their whole lives, having grown up in the club and pack, and Grey had always been taller.  Stronger.  Bigger.  Dekker hadn’t minded.  That had been some of the things that had drawn him to Grey.
“You’ve been here all this time?” Grey demanded.
Dekker shrugged, unable to form words past the lump in his throat. 
“No,” Grey said harshly.  “You don’t get to shrug this off.  We searched everywhere for you.  I wouldn’t give up even when they told me to.”
Dekker looked around, knowing that everyone was listening avidly.  The last thing he wanted was to air their past to gossip mongers, which was exactly what the small backwoods community was.  Small-town life seemed to thrive on swapping stories of what went on behind closed doors.
“Let’s not hash this out here, Grey,” Dekker said, leaning closer to keep his voice down.         
Grey folded his arms.  “I’m not leaving.”
“Fine. Could you at least wait until after my shift?  I only have half an hour left.”
Indecision warred through Grey’s eyes, but finally, he gave a stiff nod.  “Fine.  But I’m not leaving this bar without you."

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19 August 2015

Now available - the next installment of Lynn Burke's Risso Family novellas!
Complete with Her
A Risso Family Novella
Contemporary Romance
by Lynn Burke
August 10, 2015
Evernight Publishing
Bastian Risso breaks away from his loud, intrusive family and moves to Charleston, West Virginia. His new neighbor is a seemingly lonely soul, a kindred introvert who might be his perfect matchHer beauty calls to him like a siren, and determined not to be a chicken-shit, he steps out of his comfort zone to make her acquaintance. 

Eve Thompson is protective of her privacy. She relishes her solitude as it keeps people from staring at her deformed upper lip or making fun of her speech impediment. Her persistent neighbor, however, proves a temptation too great to resist. His sincere smiles and compliments threaten to crumble the brick wall she hides behind. And his affections evoke feelings she can't control. 

Bastian plans to show Eve the beauty of who she is inside and out. But will his efforts break down her barriers or shatter both their fragile hearts
Click on the image above for more information about the Risso Family!
Sprawling out on my borrowed sleeping bag beside the fire, I feasted my eyes on Eve as she moved with ease around our site. No fidgeting. No sidelong glances. “I can see why you love it out here.”
She tucked an escaped lock of hair behind an ear and bent over her task of wiping the blackened pot clean. “While it’s quiet at home, nothing compares to the peaceful outdoors.”
Temptation to tell her I knew of a thing or two that would compare in enjoyment rolled over me, but I refrained. Shadows lengthened across the small campground, and although we had neighbors a stone throw away, their murmuring barely reached my ears. Shrubs and trees blocked us from view, and leaning back, hands behind my head, I decided tonight, come hell or high water, I would hear Eve’s gasps, smother her moans with my lips as my hands explored her body.
Twilight hindered sight through the trees before she finished cleaning up. After hiding herself in the tent for a few minutes, she emerged with pants and clogs replacing her hiking gear. She settled onto the ground beside my knees.
I leaned up on my elbow and propped my head on my hand. “Eve.” I patted the sleeping bag I laid on. “Come up here.”
Her bottom lip sucked between her teeth as she peered at me in the growing darkness. “Why?”
“I want to kiss you.”
A gasp reached my ears, and I wished we’d brought a lantern so I could see her face. She scooted to my side, and I tugged her down to lay beside me.
Baby steps.
Inches separated our bodies, but I didn’t pull her close like I longed to do. Instead, I ran a fingertip down her cheek and neck, her pulse thrumming beneath my feather-light touch. She gazed up at me with widened eyes. Her lips parted and breathing hitched, and I held in my groan. As if my aching cock needed her encouragement.
Enjoying the tension sizzling between us, I leaned down and kissed her, and the second I swept my tongue along the seam of her lips, she moaned and shimmied closer.
Arousal rolled over me, and I clamped my arm around her waist, pressing her breasts and hips tight against me. My groan escaped into her mouth. No way in hell would I get any sleep.
About Lynn Burke
Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

Her current work, the Risso Familly Novellas, revolves around four siblings from Boston’s North End.

Find Lynn on her websiteFacebookTwitterTumblrAmazon, and Goodreads.

15 August 2015

GRIND Blitz Release with Joanna Blake

Release Blitz Title: GRIND Author: Joanna Blake Genre: Romance Cover model: Drew Ater : https://www.facebook.com/TheDrewAter?fref=ts Furious Fotog https://www.facebook.com/FuriousFotog?fref=ts Cover Design: Margreet Rebel Edit & Design : https://www.facebook.com/rebeleditdesign Release: August 17, 2015 Hosted by: Just One More Page   e1fee-synopsis-01  
EYE CANDY. MANWHORE. HARDBODY. STUD. I'm just a piece of meat to the women I entertain. And I love it. That's until she walks into the club. Suddenly, I want more. I want her.

My name is Chandler but hardly anyone knows it. I go by Candy, and when I dance, I go all the way. Women scream my name and throw their panties at me. I take home any woman I want. Sometimes, I take two.

Carolina is the stuck up neighbor who drove me nuts with her prissy ways and her hot little body. Sure, it was high school the last time I saw her. But our families have been going to the same church for generations. And I always had my eye on her. She was the most beautiful girl in town, sure, but it was more than that. She was also the smartest. She knew it too.

We had one night. One kiss. I fell hard, and she moved away. Even back then, she knew I wasn't good enough for her. Now she's here, in my club for her bachelorette party. Her friends push her up on stage. And I decide the bride-to-be deserves a very, very private dance.

I'm not letting her get away twice. Especially when I find out the bastard she's planning to marry. Little Miss Perfect has no idea what's about to hit her. Or how far I will go to get what's mine.... Her.
GRIND is a stand-alone novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating!

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26017553-grind   GRIND Ecover   excerpt   Carolina Murphy was kissing me back. The Prom Queen was letting me have my way with her. Well, more or less. I knew she'd barely even petted before. I could tell by the way she'd responded to me during her lap dance. The way she was responding now. Like a kitten testing its legs. I tested the waters, letting my hands slide up and over her chest. I was rewarded with a sexy mewling sound. I heaved a sigh of relief. She liked it. Caro was the hot little piece I'd always imagined she would be. Fiery. Responsive. Passionate. And I'd spent quite a lot of time over the years imagining just this moment. She might have signed a chastity vow, but frigid, she was not. I groaned again. The damn pledge. I knew I could make her doubt it. But I realized abruptly that I didn't want to make her break it. I did want to make her want to break it however... This night was not going to end with me inside her. But that didn't mean we couldn't have fun. Or that I couldn't make her feel as desperate as I was. I slid my hand up and under her robe. She squeaked and sat up, staring at me. Her hands clutched the hem of her bathrobe as if it was going to fly up and expose her. I stared at her, trying to show her my intentions were good. Well, mostly good.


She shook her head wildly. "I'm not wearing anything. Underneath."

I laughed. I felt like I was going crazy. Maybe I was. "Five minutes Caro. Give me five minutes. Please. I won't do anything that you don't want."

"Chan... you know I can't."

My fingers brushed the inside of her knee. Just a few inches up and I would be touching thigh. A few inches more and... I groaned as my cock lurched in my jeans. "Just let me... play..."

She stared at me, her big eyes full of doubt. She was curious too. About what might happen. I could see it. "You promise not to do anything else?"

I could hear the hope in her voice. The desperation. Neither one of us wanted to stop. "I promise, Caro. Please don't make me stop. Not yet..." I smiled at her disarmingly, guiding her back onto the bed. "Remind me of these rules again... I can touch. Just not inside right?"

She nodded breathlessly. I grinned.

"I can work with that."

 Release Party: https://www.facebook.com/events/1614975062112985/ buynow   teasers2  
Fashion portrait of young elegant woman in bedwhite muscular man wearing jeans and sunglasses Natural portrait of a beautiful young male model with lots of light
  Cropped image of a young woman in panties with sexy legs in knee high stockings lying on her back against a white background   GRIND
Where to Buy: http://amzn.to/1EvUozz
authorbio2 Joanna Blake loves good old fashioned romance, men who open doors and work with their hands. Hot Blooded Heroes is a series of sizzling stories about True Blue American men and the women who love them. She's thrilled to be collaborating with Pincushion Press on her new series! Come along for the ride! XoX,

Joanna http://www.amazon.com/Joanna-Blake/e/B00KLR25UA/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joanna-Blake/682610571843087?fref=ts https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8280814.Joanna_Blake https://twitter.com/JBromancenovels http://jbromancenovels.tumblr.com/ https://tinyletter.com/JoannaBlake   BOOKS by Joanna:   BRO': http://amzn.to/1G4bzuJ A Bad Boy For Summer: http://amzn.to/1QfU9Da Ride With Me: ​http://amzn.to/1e4hKpH Slay Me (ROCK GODS): http://amzn.to/1B3FAMm Dare Me (ROCK GODS): http://amzn.to/1FTqbdg Cover Me (ROCK GODS): http://amzn.to/1I7qHWr Wanted By The Devil (DEVIL'S RIDERS): http://amzn.to/1B68bkl Still Waters (DEVIL'S RIDERS): http://amzn.to/1I7qwug Safe In His Arms (DEVIL'S RIDERS): http://amzn.to/1QrZ58n The Rock Star Next Door (Joanna Blake Singles): http://amzn.to/1B68mvT  
 photo wwJOMP_zpshoprvdce.jpg

13 August 2015

Ravenna Tate Returns with The Weathermen 3!

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Thank you for having me here today! J

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

I’ve always been fascinated with the Mafia. It’s rumored my maternal grandfather was part of them, but I have no concrete proof of that. Still, I am Sicilian, so it’s possible they are part of my ancestry. THE PRICE OF SECRECY is set over 100 years in the future, but that doesn’t mean organized crime can’t still exist, or in this case have enjoyed a resurgence during the chaos before everyone was forced to move underground in order to survive. So I thought it would be interesting to have both my hero and heroine hiding from the same crime family, but for very different reasons. Neither one can let the other know about their secret, but of course it has to come out at some point.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

This is a futuristic world in which both organized crime and WITSEC still exist.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Not really. I sneak in my writing when and where I can. I’d be writing all the time if I could.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Plenty of real life experiences make it into my books, at least in part. Sometimes I’m influenced by things I’ve seen on TV or in a movie, or have read in a book. Most of it I simply make up.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

ONE NAUGHTY FANTASY is under contract with Evernight Publishing. This is part of their Romance On The Go Line and features the same three characters as in my book SNOWBOUND – Nina, Cameron, and Alex.

The Weathermen 4 – EXCLUSIVE ACCESS is also under contract.

I’ve submitted The Weathermen 5 – A SLOW-BURNING DANCE, and I’m writing a third book with Nina, Cameron, and Alex that I hope to submit to Evernight within a few days.

The Weathermen 3

***Click HERE to purchase directly from
Evernight Publishing***


Angela Davidson lands her dream job with Greco Communications, but quickly learns her new boss, the enigmatic Dominic Greco, has a dark secret he works hard to conceal. Angela understands secrets because she’s been hiding one of her own for sixteen years and if it’s discovered, she will end up dead.

Dominic is part of a group of friends financing the efforts to put a stop to The Madeline Project. The program now has a mind of its own, thanks to a virus called Tommy Twister. These men have power, resources, and money, but they’re as ruthless and possessive as the storms ravaging Earth.

They call themselves the Weathermen…


Angela moaned loudly into Dominic’s open mouth as his tongue parted her lips. Holy fuck this man can kiss! Her pussy was soaked, and every inch of her skin ached to touch him. She forgot where they were and pushed closer to his warm, hard body, going so far as to rub her abdomen across his erection. Holy shit. This was nothing like she’d imagined it would be, and she didn’t care if he was her brand new boss, or that they’d just had a two and a half hour lunch. She wanted to be horizontal with him in the worst fucking way.

She’d even take semi-upright. She’d bend over this table and lift her skirt if that’s what he wanted. Fuck it all. It had been way, way too long since she’d been kissed and held, and no man had ever moved his lips and tongue over hers like he was doing now. She wanted more. So much more.

When he released her mouth, she stared at him until he finally picked up her purse and handed it to her. Then he took her hand, and she simply walked, letting him lead the way. Her legs felt like jelly. His hand was so warm it made her entire body hot. She could only imagine what the rest of his skin would feel like next to hers.

They said nothing on the walk back, but she felt the lust and heat coming off him in waves. Inside the elevator, they were alone, and this was the same private elevator she’d taken before her interview. He keyed in a code, and then the floor she now worked on. It wouldn’t stop for anyone else. They had it all to themselves.

He turned toward her, and then he cupped her face and stared into her eyes with so much intensity she thought her heart would stop. “This is madness,” he whispered. “But I can’t stop.”
She didn’t have a chance to ask him what his cryptic comment about this being madness meant because he pushed her up against the wall of the car and kissed her like he might never do so again. She reached for his hair, and he caught her wrists, pinning her arms overhead. The gesture was so damn sexy and dominant that she nearly came. He moved closer to her, grinding his bulge against her body until she was so damn wet she knew she’d need to change her panties.

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11 August 2015

Welcome to Raven McAllan...and Cursed Treasure!

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! 

Thanks for inviting me over. I have cookies…gluten free, home made and tasty.

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

They shouted at me. I'm very much a pantster at the beginning and they tell me what to do and explain themselves to me. I have learned to ignore them at my peril. Sometimes, like in Lord Suitor they kindly give me a rough plot. Other times I wing it. Places I visit will sometimes give me an idea and it goes from there

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

The details about Devon are based on a village I love to visit for holidays. The whippet is based on my friend's whippet who visits and tries to push my lap top away and take its place. Also called Brodie.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Nope. I'm lucky that I can write anywhere at any time. I just open my laptop and block out what's going on. I swear one day I'm going to write a book called hotel bathroom floors I have sat on to write. I admit I travel quite a lot and they bathroom scenario is so I can write and not wake hubby up in the early hours.
Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

I guess it depends on what you mean my real life. I do try to think how I, or people I know would rect in certain situations. I'm writing about 200 years ago  in my Regency ones so it's not real life as we know it. I do research extensively to make sure I get my facts as correct as I can.

In my present day ones there's quite a lot of my real life slips in. For instance there seems to be a lot of gluten intollerant or people who are coealiac in my present dy books, like myslef and another member of my family. Left handedness as well.

And in all my books, I often (okay most of the time) set my books in places I have either lived, live now, or visit a lot.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

Where to start? I have another five books in this series, of which two more are written and three to be written. I have a Christmas contemporary short story to be published by Evernight, and have just had another Regency short accepted. My first of a two book series, The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett is due out on September 9th, from Carina, and the second book as yet untitled in the New Year. Oh and I have two more books in my Diomhair series with Totally Bound to finish. Then there's the next in the Their Wives series and one more Dommissimma that's shouting loudly, both for Evernight, that I must write and the next challenge book for Siren. That doesn't include anything else that shouts at me and jumps the queue. And I really am slowing down. 

Thank you for inviting me onto your blog. I consider myself very lucky. I write what I love, Evernight publish it, and people buy it and (hopefully) read it. What more can I ask for?
I couldn't not write and I especially love to write Regency Romance. And oh yes, Evernight lets me. So we have the Cursed Treasure series.
A family whose fortune is cursed
A family whose fortune is almost gone, and have to manage very carefully.
A family whose grown up children decide to ignore the curse and make their fortune grow once more. They don't want to be a burden.
Strangely ( or not) this isn't a paranormal story. Only the treasure is said to be cursed. As the parchment with it says…
The heart of ye child be lifting the curse—dare ye risk it…

Lord Suitor is Tessa's story
A smuggler and an aristocrat. Who should Tessa chose?
Both professed their love for her, both intrigued her. How could she pick one over the other?
When Tessa was accosted by a smuggler her life took a turn for the better. Or so she thought. Until Nathaniel, Lord Fenniston indicated his interest in her. She had to marry to help her family, but her loyalties are torn. 
Either man could be the one, but how can she decide? Torn between them, Tessa must think hard and fast.
Luckily, fate has it’s own way of deciding, and Tessa had no option but to do as it dictates.

A wee tease…

Her one night of bliss, her initiation, as she thought of it, had given her a very definite opinion of what she wanted, expected, from any marriage. However, and there was the rub, how could she say to someone, I’ll only marry you if you satisfy me in the way my smuggler did? You need to make my skin tingle, my insides quiver, and my body react in a way I never thought possible, so I shout and scream my release and beg you for more? Oh and your body, when it gains its own satisfaction inside me, has to react in the same way? It was not something she could introduce into everyday conversation. It wasn't something most men would appreciate hearing. Men were such touchy creatures they wouldn't see it as a compliment on their prowess, just the opposite.
Tessa stirred uneasily in her chair. During those long hours of enforced darkness, her highwayman had taught her some very interesting ways to satisfy herself. After the first few fumbling—and embarrassed at her temerity—attempts, she was happy with how to touch and tease herself until she was panting and sated. However, it wasn't the same. It is not him.
Tonight though, she knew nothing she did would ease the ache deep inside her. The unexpected offer from Lord Fenniston had thrown her somewhat.
Why her? Oh, they were neighbors in Devon, but he had never shown any interest in her. In fact she hadn't noticed him singling her out in any way, exactly the opposite. One occasional country dance did not show a partiality for anyone. They'd never waltzed, he'd never asked for her hand into supper, and never solicited her company at a picnic or to the theater. No, if anything, she would have thought he preferred Lady Elizabeth Cantor or Frederica Stowe. Nor did Tessa think he chose to spend time with those ladies as a smokescreen for his desire to have her as a wife. They were both too much all woman for that, and she was well aware neither would put up with such cavalier behavior.
Nor would I.
Somehow, Tessa accepted, as she stirred the glowing coals back into flames, Nathaniel Fenniston was not the sort of man to dissemble in that way. It wouldn't be kind to either lady, and she didn't think he would ever be deliberately unkind. No, he was an honorable man, but did that mean he was the man for her? Somehow, she needed to find out. On that sobering and complicated thought, she put the fireguard in place and took herself to bed.
Yet again she dreamed of her smuggler. She felt his hands on her as he showed her how to please both him and herself. Heard his voice as he praised her efforts and moaned his appreciation. Recalled and recreated in her dreams how his body stiffened and he shouted out his completion as he spilled onto her skin. Shivered and writhed as his lips met her quim and sucked on the soft flesh there and then drew the hard nub into his mouth. She gasped as her juices gathered, ready to help her fall over the edge of sanity and reason.
Tessa woke with a gasp to see the thin light of dawn creep around her curtains, and to feel the warmth and dampness of her arousal slick her skin. Her body tingled with awareness. Should she?
A quick glance at the timepiece on the mantel told her she had time enough to assuage her needs.
Tessa stretched out to fumble in her nearby sewing basket, to retrieve something she had secreted there.
A few days after her encounter with the smuggler she'd found a package in her bedside cabinet. She had no idea where it had come from, or who had placed it where she would see it so readily. The outside wrapper merely had her name on, and the cryptic message "for your eyes only."
Puzzled she ripped the paper and unwrapped the fine lawn material that covered the contents. It was a smooth, wooden darning mushroom, with a note attached to it.
When she read the words, Tessa didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Inscribed in a very elegant hand it said: Close your eyes and run your fingers over this. Now imagine what it feels like and use it accordingly until we meet again.
Intrigued, Tessa had done as directed and discovered it was the perfect facsimile of a male staff. "Pego" her smuggler had called it as he taught her how to fondle and taste. At first she'd held it and stroked it, until her mind played games on her. A few nights later, her dreams included him, his pego, and his hands showing her how indeed a humble darning mushroom was the perfect substitute for a man. No, not perfect, she amended, adequate.

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