30 May 2012

The Music of Poetry

When I had my first novel published, there were certain genres I wanted to write.  One of them was a rock and roll love story.  With “In A Chord”, I actually had the characters long before I began writing the story, and certainly longer than the title.  The title, if some of you noticed, is a play on words.  For non-musical souls, a chord is three notes sung or played together in harmony.  I thought it perfect for Keaton, Ash and Momo.

My artistic abilities have always been in writing words, not music, though I have co-written a country song with my dear friend Gis Johannsson titled “Don’t Talk About Luv” (and can be found here:

Gis and I had a tumultuous romance many years ago and he inspired a lot of poetry at that time in my life, including the one featured in “In A Chord”.  Anyway, I digress…going back to wanting to write a rock and roll story, Momo was the inspiration for me to take the storyline more punk.  I adore K-drama and had just finished watching “Boys Over Flowers”.  Yes, I know Momo is Japanese, but I had fallen in love with the name and, well, went with J-Drama on this one.

I try to keep names within a book contained in some type of weird coincidence that usually only I know.  For “In A Chord”, we have Keaton and his band Endymion, after John Keats and his poem.  The manager is Byron George, obviously after Lord Byron.  And Ash’s last name is an ode to Lancelot.  Momo’s last name is Willow, my personal farewell to Katherine Willows on CSI.  Originally, Momo’s last name was Bahlinger. 

Anyway, in honor of poetry within the back story of “In A Chord”, I am posting another poem I wrote many years ago.  I don’t think it’s very good, but to win a free copy of “In A Chord” please tell me what you think of it!  I promise, if you say it’s a piece of crap you’re still entered to win!  And if you’re wondering whether the poem is about Gis or not, well, that’s for another blog…

The strangled weary cry I hear
            buried deep within,
Tickles all my senses, like a
            feather born in sin.
One small step we take together
            you jump one far apart.
So how can I hold onto love
            when it’s breaking up my heart?

Like a thousand little deaths I fear
            my body outward cries.
I rationalize the taunting threats,
            in savagery denies,
That such a love as this could be,
            to clear to be defined.
And finds me letting go so slow,
            still further down the line.

***One winner will be chosen at random on Friday so make sure to leave a way to contact you!  Also, be sure to visit again for the release of my next book on June 21st titled “Love Story for a Snow Princess”!

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  1. Well, it's not Shakespeare but I didn't hate it ;-) LOL! Seriously, I definitely felt both the passion and the heartbreak when reading it, and I know it takes great courage to share a piece of your soul like this. Thank you for sharing :-)

    smaccall AT comcast.net