17 October 2019

The Evernighties Writing Challenge - Week 42

Prologue Or No?

Okay, so if you have a epilogue (last week's question) do you also have a prologue?

I've used prologues, currently in my World of Danger series because I need to establish why each man are part of this ex-governmental special-ops group. Now-a-days it's a securities agency, but there are secrets and each man has to save the woman they love from the lies of the past.

Prologues let the reader know exactly what they're in for. They can establish the danger, or the characters, or a bit of the past that's important. It really sets up the world the reader is about to dive into, and as a reader myself, I love prologues because it also shows how talented the author is. I'll stand there in the store and read the prologue and if it doesn't grab my attention, I'll probably pass. So it's also a very handy marketing tool...like the hook of the book.

I should put that on a t-shirt.

I just had a thought I should start up a t-shirt line. Readers can buy awesome one-liner t-shirts that show their love of books and reading. It could start a whole new "Get Reading" trend!

I digress again...

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