31 October 2019

Halloween Give-A-Way!.... What's your favorite Halloween movie?

What are your favorite Halloween movies?  See details below to enter!

Every October I have a set of movies I watch. Thankfully, Freeform on TV plays them all month long. Movies like Hocus Pocus, Monster House, the Scooby Doo films, and The Haunted Mansion. Pretty harmless but very funny.  However, this year changed a little bit because now I have a teenager who loves the horror genre.

He isn't into the gruesome aspects of the shows, but like his mom, he loves the story behind the bad guys. What makes them tick? Why did they turn out like this? And how can the plot be better? We started watching a YouTube channel called DEAD MEAT with James A. Janisse, 20 minute shows that gives a run down of a horror movie and tallies up the kills through a hilarious commentary. 

So now I've watched more scary movies than I ever thought I would. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and now I have more to celebrate with my son. I love the fact that we have these wonderful conversations and share the same interests (even if mine came from his own). It gives us moments to share, ones that I treasure now and will do so as he grows older and takes command of his own life.

So let me know...what are your favorite Halloween movies? Scary or funny, live-action or animated...doesn't matter. Leave a comment and a contact to enter my give-a-way...two Halloween pins and my book "Love at the End of the World", an anthology collection of finding love in the apocalypse.  My story is titled "Heaven for Us".


Jo was one of the lucky ones. She survived the virus that decimated eighty-five percent of the world’s population and now searches for a sanctuary in a ruined world. She trusts no one, keeping to herself, until she meets Luke and his daughter, Casey.

Suddenly she’s involved, and emotions she thought she had iced over long ago invade her self-imposed isolation. The more time she spends with Luke, the more she wants him, leaving her conflicted. Does she stay with him? Or will she continue her trek to find a heaven among the apocalypse?


Let me know what's your favorite Halloween movie (spooky, funny, slasher, animated...) and a way to contact you! Little Boy will choose a name at random, winner will be notified the next day! 
Happy Halloween!