03 October 2019

Evernighties Writing Challenge - Week 40

What I Wear When I Write

What a very provocative question! I'd love to be all Danielle Steel and say flowing dressing gown, diamonds and tiara, but alas I can not. Actually, I don't think Danielle Steel ever said that either but I've always pictured her as writing like that. She fits into that same category of Jackie Collins and Kathleen Woodiwiss. I may never had read them, but I grew up with them as the Goddesses of Romance.

Getting back to the question at hand....

I'm usually wearing workout clothes, although I very rarely work out. I love those leggings with pockets. Why the hell weren't they invented twenty years ago?? OMG! I don't use a purse, only a little wallet, and the pockets hold that, chapstick and my cell, which is all I need. These leggings have seriously reinvented my life. Amazing how one little thing, like pockets, can change everything.


If I'm not working, I usually head over to a coffee house after dropping my son off to school, and write. Today I chose to come home, so I'm wearing capris. If I'm not wearing my favorite leggings, I usually wear them. I don't like shorts because they bunch up between my thighs. Not only a horrible sight but damn uncomfortable.


What did you expect from a question like this?

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1 comment:

  1. I generally wear the most comfortable stuff on the rack--a random tank and sweatshorts. ;)