07 March 2014

Saturday After Dark Presents….On Call Mistress

My first Romance on the Go release with Evernight is going on sale Wednesday March 12th!  This is one those books that I thought of the title and then came up with the story.  Yes, back-ass backwards, but I also never considered this a story to be less than 12 thousand words, either. I started playing around with the core of the story and came up with something short but naughty. 

When Evernight picked it up, I was so elated and went back to two other stories I had ideas for that could be made into short but naughty romances on the go, designed for those people who need a quick fix of steaminess! Enjoy!


Gio hissed, his cock banging forcefully against the material of her panties as he jerked to the pain. She liked his response but didn’t too closely analyze her gut reaction to inflict the bite. Then the moment quickly fled as he flipped her onto her back, yanking the panties down her legs.
With a wicked grin, he took both her wrists in his hands and then tied them together with one of her stockings. She raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything, her arousal rising at the devilish promise shining in his eyes.
He licked and nipped his way down her body, paying close attention to each nipple. He sucked one into his mouth, laving it over and over with his tongue and teeth, while rolling the other between his fingers. Lexy arched in pleasure, her legs falling open as if urging him to continue his exploration. Her hands tested their bond, finding the silk stocking unbreakable, which only intensified the thrill.
With one last flick of his tongue, he continued his teasing with a path of kisses and nips. His fingers reached her pussy first, playing along the lips and dipping in to flick the nub that glistened with arousal. He dipped his finger in again, pressing deeper, her walls contracting on the intrusion and wanting more.
Finally, his mouth caught up, and his tongue flicked out to run along her slit, making her wither as he would dip in a bit and then pull out, following the motion of his finger as it fucked her.


Blurb: For two years Lexy Carmichael has been having a secret affair with Italian director Giovanni Macari.  Every time he flies into Los Angeles, he text her to meet him.  It had started out as the perfect solution, a love affair centered away from her busy life but after a time it had ceased to be about sex.  Lexy finally admitted to herself that she’d fallen in love with him.

But now Gio has changed the rules.  After a night of earth shattering sex, he asks her for exclusivity because he wants to date her.  But Lexy comes with a ready made family…a son Gio knows nothing about.  When she tells him the truth, will that kill his desire for her?  Can the fantasy sex they share translate into something real?
AVAILABLE MARCH 12TH AT:        http://www.evernightpublishing.com/

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