15 March 2014

Saturday After Dark Presents...Work in Progress

I'm working on an anthology call for Evernight titled Planet Alpha and so far I'm about half way done.  I don't really outline my stories, I'm more a pantser, but when I read the series synopsis for this project I immediately envisioned this love triangle between a human woman, her human husband, and their alien protector.

Hopefully, when I'm done, Evernight likes it and accepts it.  If not, I'm going to have to change some things and find somewhere else to submit it.  So...fingers crossed!

This scene is the first sex scene of the book and it's between the heroine, Keirah, and her husband Geoff.

             Finally, the last button was undone, and she pushed the shirt off his shoulders, breaking the kiss to lave his body with small, well kisses.  She slid her mouth across the smooth, bare chest, inhaling the delicious aroma of Geoff’s unique scent of man, soap, and outdoors.  That would probably change now that they were on their way to a new planet, but she hoped not.  Geoff’s nipples were beaded and she sucked on into her mouth, biting gently and he groaned in appreciation, his hand burying in her hair to hold her closer.  She knew he loved a little pain with his pleasure because she was the same.  She teased and tasted each one, sucking on the pointed tips until he was moaning regularly. 
            “Oh, baby,” Geoff whispered passionately.  “Suck on them, Keirah.  God, that feels good.  I want you to suck my cock just like that.”
            The dirty words turned her on and she gripped the waistband of his pants to unzip them, pushing them as far down as possible before she let of his nipples to sink to her knees.  The pants pooled around his ankle and she helped him step out of them.  He stood before her gloriously naked and she eyed his beautiful dick as a dribble of pre-cum pearled at the top.  She grabbed the base and licked it, loving his salty essence.  The first time she’d made love to him he’d taught her how to pleasure him but it didn’t take her long to take over, craving how he felt and tasted in her mouth.  His cock was long and slender, his scrotum rested underneath and she gave a quick of her tongue to roll the two balls around.  Geoff’s hands were still in her hair and he guided her back to his shaft.  She held the base as she brought her mouth over the tip and glided her mouth down.  
            She began the blowjob in earnest, wanting to give him as much pleasure as possible, as if it were possible to erase Captain Krig from their minds.  How could she possibly do this with another man?  She sucked harder, pumped faster, hoping he would lose himself in the sensation.  But all too soon he was stopping her.
            “Wait, baby,” he said with a rough, passion filled voice.  “My turn.  I want to taste your wet pussy 

and tongue fuck you until you scream my name.”

Thanks for reading!

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