14 July 2011

Welcome Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy!!!

Romance That Lives And Breathes The Power of Love
Thanks to my kind host, Beth, for having me as a guest today.  It is a pleasure and an honor to be here.

As for romance….

I confess that beneath my tough girl exterior, my hard as nails hammered into strong wood heart, I am a hopeless romantic.  I can be sentimental and yes, although I seldom like to admit it, I have been known to weep at tender scenes in either books or movies.   The first time I watched Australia, I cried when The Drover and Nala found Sarah alive and well.  Their sweet reunion brought tears to my eyes and choked me up with unshed sobs.  I’ve even been known to shed a tear or two while writing some of my own scenes.

So my brand, tagline, motto, whatever anyone wants to call it, “Romance that lives and breathes the power of love” is true.  I write it and I believe it.   Love is a powerful force.  In my own life, I have seen love cause amazing things, beautiful and wonderful ones.   I have also felt in past relationships that withered and failed to grow how destructive and harmful love can also be.   But I think that the positive power far outweighs any negative.

As more of my novels are out into the reading public’s hands, I find it harder to pick excerpts because it reminds me of picking just one of my kids for a special treat.   But, since Love Never Fails, my contemporary romance is out in both eBook and paperback format, I’ll use an excerpt from it that I think illustrates my motto.  The couple is meeting again for the first time after a five year separation and she came back to their hometown because he needed her, without even knowing why…

    “Are you all right?” She needed to know.
    “I’m okay,” Reid said.  He put his hand in the center of his chest.  “That is, except for this pain I’ve had right here for about five years now.  A deep, burning pain that never went away.  Today though, it feels just a little bit better.”
    She inhaled sharply, panicked at the idea of him having chest pains and then realized his heart trouble was romantic, not medical.   Without analyzing it or planning what she'd say, she leaned forward.
    “Maybe this will help it heal.”
    She touched her lips to his, a very light kiss, her mouth barely touching his.
    “It helps if it’s real,” Reid said, taking her face into his hands and kissing her with thoroughness that ignited fire in her veins.  “Did you mean what you said on the phone?”
    “I came, didn’t I?”
    “You did, but do you?”
    Her answer was a vow.  “I do, Reid. I love you.”
    He exhaled.  “It’s about time you told me so.

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