14 October 2011

Are two men better?

I have taken to writing m/f/m romances because I find exploring the dynamics of such a relationship interesting.  But I wonder, can two men really be better outside the bedroom?

Sure, what hetero, curious and willing woman wouldn't want two men worshiping her in bed?  Hell, if I could find two men as fulfilling as the ones I write about then sign me up!

But outside the hot and steamy sheets of fantastic sex, is it worth putting up with two men always under foot?  Well, I say thank goodness the romance stories end with the HEA (or HFN)!  I don't know how romantic even the sexiest man (men) would be under day to day scrutiny!  Oh lord!  Don't get me started on washing dishes and taking out the trash!!!


  1. It's hard to find one good man these days! Let alone 2! I will stick with fiction! Lol

  2. Personally, it would be cool to try the 2 man thing just once. but that's it. I'm not looking for a committed menage - I'd rather find one man to share my heart with!