09 November 2011

The World of Fetish....

The explosion of ebook publishing, especially within the erotica world, has opened a door to the exploration of what turns people on.  I find the different genre’s fascinating and have devoted this month to blogging about fetishes.  Check back every Friday for my new series, Fetish Friday’s.  I would love feedback but please be supportive or accepting to all guests who leave comments.  I will tolerate NO DISCRIMINATION!

This Friday (Nov. 11th) I will blog about self-harm, or cutting.  I actually have a proposal to my editor about a character who is a cutter, and researching the psychology behind it is extensive. 

The 18th I plan on writing about Scarfing. 

The 25th will be about the world of bondage with the lifestyle of Doms/Subs.

Happy exploring!

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