13 May 2014

Wrong Time For Love Review

Wrong Time for Love is book two in the Cupid's Conquests series. 

Cupid decides something drastic is needed to help the once burned career-focused Raina open herself up to love. Breaking all the rules, he takes her back in time to medieval Scotland to meet the ultimate alpha male and rekindle her confidence in relationships. He doesn’t plan for them to fall in love, but even Cupid can't control the passion that ensues.

The 13th century was a treacherous time, and any alpha male in that era accumulated dangerous enemies. Will Raina survive long enough to find the love of her life? Will she want that love to be her Scottish Laird or the mystery man Cupid promised her back home?

If you're unsure about the Cupid premise, don't be. This was a frickin' great book!

I love it when I can't put a story down and this was such an interesting story I kept turning the pages, devouring the story in one sitting. In fact, the only thing I have to criticize is that it was too short! I would've loved to have had more time with Raina and Tristan. Sure, there were certain issues like I wanted to know what happened to her first love to make her so distrustful of love, and I would've liked for Tristan to learn she wasn't from his time, but the story was written so beautifully that I really didn't mind those oversites.

The author was well versed in her history, and I enjoyed learning about a time I knew nothing about. Many time travels are played out in the same old place in time but I really liked reading about the Norsemen trying to invade Scotland, and she wrote it in such a way that wasn't boring! This is how you learn history.

Fans of Diana Gabaldon will love this book, but if you're like me and never read her stuff, you'll still love this book because who doesn't love a hot Scotsman?

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