29 September 2014

Book Recommendation - Olivia Cunning

Perhaps I'm the silliest person on the planet but I totally missed these books when they first came out.  I'm slightly glad, because I was able to buy them all at once and devour, but how the fuck did I miss this amazing author and these amazing books?

So from what I read, the books were published out of order.  I actually read the fifth book, Double Time, first when I found it at a thrift store.  As a lover of menage, the rock star theme sounded amazing.  Let me tell you, I devoured that book!  Then I went back and bought the others in ebook, so now, all I want for Christmas are the paperback versions to put in my personal library.

Not only is the writing consistently great, but the humor inter spaced throughout the novels is amazing.  This series is about a rock band, Sinners, going out on tour and how each band member manages to find love.  Now, granted the premise has been done before, but this series is a step and leap above a lot of rock-n-roll romances.  I do have to point out that this an erotica, and the sex is unique, hot and often kinky.  If you don't think you can get your freak on, this series may be an eye opener in that department.

Each rocker is unique, and their voice is unique through each book.  Brian falls in love with an older woman.  Sed learns how not to be too controlling.  Jace's need for pain is satisfied through BDSM.  Eric shoots too soon.  And Trey finds a boy and a girl to satisfy his needs.  The dialogue is always witty and the narrative flows smoothly.  I have one book left to read, the Sinners at the Alter, and I'm done.  But I'll be damned sure to pick up Olivia Cunning's next book.  I'm happy to see that she has a backlog to purchase as well.  It's rare to find such a talented author and I'm so happy I found her book in that thrift store. 

Read Order:

Backstage Pass
Rock Hard
Hot Ticket
Wicked Beat
Double Time
Sinners at the Altar
Coming Soon: Sinners in Paradise

Where to find the Author:

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