18 November 2017

Katerina Ross Visits with her new M/M Paranormal Romance!

Hello Katerina!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?

“The House of Fear” is the second story in my paranormal M/M series “The Sons of Gomorrah”. There will be as much angst as in the first novella, “Soul Infection”, a quest through Prague in order to reveal the secret of a haunted house, and some indecencies in a public place ;)

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

I had the story of an unhappy freelance magician in mind for a very long time, literary for years, but it only came to life when another character, an unusual shifter, suddenly sneaked into it and set everything into motion. These two became an ideal match, though they might not realize it completely just yet. Tristan and Jarek are charming, but not flawless, and both have unpleasant secrets in their past, so they have a lot of issues to deal with, unfortunately for them.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

One of the minor characters in “The House of Fear”, the Black Baron, combines the features of Mark Gatiss playing Mycroft Holmes, Horace Walpole, the author of the first Gothic novel and a man of refined tastes, and my professor of medieval literature who had a peculiar sense of humor.

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?

I’m very much inspired by the city of Prague itself. I think it’s a perfect setting for a dark paranormal story, very scenic but sinister at the same time.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

I usually write late at night when the house is silent and nothing distracts me.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

It looks like it’s more of a vice versa thing. Sometimes I notice I start speaking or behaving like my characters. At the moment, I’m writing about a dominatrix witch (there will be a M/F spin-off from “The Sons of Gomorrah”) – and it makes me crave wearing high heels and seems to give me a taste for vintage perfumes :)

The House of Fear (The Sons of Gomorrah. Book 2) by Katerina Ross

“The Sons of Gomorrah” is a paranormal M/M series set in Prague, the city where anything magical might happen. But sometimes it’s dark magic.


Tristan, a freelance magician, falls for an incubus, a Gomorrah pleasure demon, who works as an escort in a luxurious hotel in Prague. To free him from a contract that binds him, Tristan needs to solve a problem for a very influential man, Ambrosius Schwarzenstein, who is currently looking for a personal assistant with a knowledge of occult practices. 
As Tristan plunges into an investigation of a mysterious death, he might find more than he wants to and face his worst fears. 
Will he set his lover free or bring trouble to them both?


Pressed together from head to toe, they kissed leisurely as if they had all the time in the world. Tristan felt a bit sore between his legs after a few rounds of vigorous coupling, but it was a pleasant burn, a reminder of their bodies united in so many enjoyable ways, and his cock certainly seemed to vote for a sequel. The sheets were a wrinkled mess beneath them, and Tristan could feel the ready heat of Jarek’s erection against his own, a torturous sensation because he needed more friction, more, more, and right now.
“Shh, there’s no hurry,” Jarek whispered as he aligned his cock against Tristan’s, his hand wrapping tightly around them both. “Don’t rush it. Don’t come until I say you may.”
Jarek’s hips rocked lazily against him, and Tristan tried his best not to squirm in uncontrollable ecstasy, or maybe agony, or both. Jarek made his pace purposefully, cruelly slow. Tristan grasped at his back, fingernails digging deeper and deeper, all muscles drawn taut with need. He lost any awareness of how much time had passed, but he couldn’t hold on much longer, he couldn’t, he couldn’t…
“Not yet,” Jarek warned him with a wicked grin, squeezing the base of Tristan’s cock to prevent the approaching orgasm. “I want to savor this. Savor you, while I can. Your face … it’s so open now, so unguarded. I like it.”

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Soul Infection (The Sons of Gomorrah. Book 1)

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Katerina Ross lives in Russia and works as a journalist. There are no M/M romance publishers in her country at all, so she writes hot M/M stories in English.

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