25 April 2019

Evernighties Blog Challenge - Week 17

Favorite Romance Genre to Read or Write

I think reading and writing romance genres can vary, because I know my own limitations on the type of writer I am. For example, I love Sam Crescent. She's an amazing author, but I could never write her type of books because she's able to spin world building like I've never seen. Doesn't matter if it's mafia, MC romance, or shifter romance, it just seems her words and worlds are effortless...and thus her storytelling par to none.

Me, on the other hand, have to find so many difficult layers to my characters that it takes me a while to get them out. Out of all I write, I enjoy time travel the best. I've written three, although only two are currently published (When Lightening Strikes, Recover Me). They're taken from the perspective of what happens to us in a coma, it sends the hero or heroine into an alternate life. The question begs to differ was it all real or a coma-induced hallucination?

My favorite time travel, Dreamland, is currently off the market. I'd like to back out there, but Evernight has already accepted enough repubs from me in a while. Lol! I have to create some new content before I consider subbing it again.

As a reader I go through different tastes of what I want to read. Sometimes it's long historicals like Lisa Kleypas. Sometimes it's quick contemporary reads. Right now I'm on alien barbarians by Ruby Dixon.

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