22 August 2019

The Evernighties Weekly Blog Challenge - Week 34

My Theme Song

My husband told me my theme song is "Too Much Wine" by The Fratellis.  Here are some of the lyrics:

Well I'm trying to keep
My brains from getting dry
There's only one way I know
I'm gonna bolt shut the windows
Barricade the doors
Let all of my judgements go
I'll take the mead from the table
Talk straight while I'm able
Until I'm nothing less than a crime
Until my heart stops beatin'

I will drink myself too much wine

He tells me all the time I'm a bad influence on him. Who...me???  Suddenly he starts telling me all these songs that involve drinking or wine in them. Geez, he makes me sound like a lush!

Music has always been an inspiration in my writing, and my favorite songs are the ones that invoke a passionate response. I like to listen to movie soundtracks when I write, or epic instrumental pieces. I also adore classical, especially Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata". I remember when I was a young teenager reading a romance novel where the heroine, who was disfigured in a car accident and couldn't remember her name, played this song on a piano and that's how the hero found her again. That's always stayed with me. My one true regret in life is that I don't have a talent for singing.

Oh well.

Back to my theme song...I would say I don't have one specific one all the time because there are so many songs throughout my life that has been my anthem. Recently, Mike and I got married and we did a playlist of music that inspired our life together thus far, featuring Star Wars since that was our theme. I guess right now I would consider Han Solo and the Princess my theme song, since I'm living in a romance story. Here's the YouTube link for it:

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