WIPs / Coming Soon

My 2019 Writing Schedule
(subject to change)

BOOK: Invincible (book 1 in the World of Danger Series)
WORDS: 15, 172


It is said Lee Masterson is invincible, a hired gun for whoever has the highest
bid. But when the one person in his past is targeted he'll have to do everything
he can to protect her.

BOOK: Not Such An Innocent Angel
WORDS: 5537 (target 20,000)

Set in the same world as "As Midnight Loves the Moon", but not a direct sequel.


BOOK: Untraceable (book 2 in the World of Danger series)
WORDS: (target 15,000 - 18,000)

JD Harlan the second is the director of a special ops unit. When he's targeted for a crime his father committed, Mae Sawyer jumps in front of the gun, saving his life. Now they are on the run, lost in the woods, and untraceable.

BOOK: What Lurks Below
WORDS: 1097 (target 20,000)

A physic helps a detective solve a murder when the victim's ghost starts haunting him.

My two repubs this year will be:

BOOK: Dreamland

A time travel set in the year 1927. Complete at 40, 704 words. Is has been reworked for submission to Evernight Publishing.

BOOK: The Scarlet Dove

A ménage set in the old west.



  1. loved, loved, loved your book, Unbroken. Did I say, i love your book! When is Wicked Man, the second book to unbroken coming out?

  2. Thank you so much! Wicked Man will hopefully come out soon!