23 May 2011

Spirals Review!

From Blackraven's Reviews...one of my best reviews ever!

"Wow! I’m still feeling the thrill from reading this book. At first I was put off by the first person, present tense, but it couldn’t have been more perfect. I even love the coverart!

Kaori is a character that became larger than life and I won’t soon forget her. For six years she survives alone in the aftermath of what once was Los Angeles. She learns to survive on her own and begins to appreciate all the little things in her solitary life.

Everything changes when Tobias and Orion find her hiding out at one of her safe houses. She doesn’t trust them at first. Trust did not help her survive for so long. But her physical attraction to both men can’t be denied and they soon infiltrate her emotional barriers.

Okay…where do I even start? Every once and awhile you pick up a book that restores your faith in fiction for entertainment…this is one of those books! From the first chapter, Ms. Carter captivated me with her unique writing voice. I savored every sentence and couldn’t stop reading until I finished the book.

There are twists and turns, action and suspence, that had my heart racing. The plot was brilliant and I still can’t believe this came for a writer’s imagination. The sex scenes were scorching hot! The blend of narration, emotion, humor and dialogue were all done to perfection.

I must have more from this author because Spirals has made me a huge fan of Beth D. Carter. This book took me on a beautiful trip that stimulated all my senses. The ménage element was done perfectly, tastefully and touched my heart. I’m giving this one my highest rating and recommending everyone who enjoys good fiction with an erotic flare to run and buy Spirals."

-Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Stacey!
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