14 May 2011

Unearthly...A Novel by Cynthia Hand

I am a huge lover of the library. With books being so expensive now-a-days, I get really mad when I venture to buy one only to be disappointed with the book. But what’s great about the library is that it allows you to test the waters, so to speak, which is what I did with “Unearthly”. There is always a theme with YA books, and lately it’s been half angels. I’ve read “Hush Hush” and “Fallen”, which were good but not good enough to make me go out and buy the book for my library.

Let me say “Unearthly” is a keeper! Go out now and buy it! Fall in love with Tucker and Christian and see how Clara is going to make up for not following her destiny.

The book starts out with Clara Gardner, who knows she is quarter-angel, having a vision and seeing her purpose, or the reason why she was born. Her mother uproots her and her brother from California to Wyoming, where she meets Christian, the boy she has to save from a forest fire. And then she meets Tucker, her soul mate, and must figure out how to save both boys while fulfilling her destiny.

The writing is superb, fast paced enough to keep you turning pages as we go through Clara’s life. The dialogue is witty, especially between Clara and Tucker. And though the book ended in a satisfying, happy manner, I am really looking forward to book two!

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