04 September 2011

Great Reader Review for "A Silver Lining"!!

From Heather in FL on Goodreads!!!  Thanks so much Heather!!!

This was quite angsty. I hated Heather at first. She came to the ranch because her dying grandfather requested it. He wanted to see, more or less, if she was cut out for running a ranch, or whether he should leave it to Tristan, his foreman. Really, he wanted her to get out of her normal comfort zone and maybe heal from something that happened twenty years ago that had shaped her life. She and Tristan had a brief history that 20 years ago, before "the event". She had a huge crush on him, but she was only 15 and he was 21, so he kept his distance. "The event" really turned Heather into a huge bitch. She didn't care about anyone or anything, not even herself. But the attraction with Tristan couldn't be ignored, and while it was quickly turning into something more, she tried so hard to keep him at arms length. They were explosive together... lots of quick, heated encounters... they just couldn't stay away from each other, regardless of how much either one of them wanted to.

She was at the ranch for a month; that was how long her grandfather insisted she stay in order to be eligible to inherit the ranch. He asked that she learn five things, but didn't tell her what five things to learn. I think she was initially thinking it would be things about how to run a ranch... things that would prove she'd been paying attention. But she learned so much more than just about ranch life. She finally really thought about what had happened over 20 years ago, how it had impacted her life, how it was still impacting her life, and decided she didn't want that kind of impact anymore. She really grew up a lot in that short month!

I was crying at the end. Tears rolling down my cheeks. She had been such a bitch to Tristan, but he really understood her and accepted her, warts and all. Her sacrifice was so huge... and I knew Tristan wouldn't just let it go. Thankfully.

A great HEA, but lots of sadness to get there.

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