14 September 2011

Meet Garrett Webb...

…from Lawless Hearts:

“Is it always like that? You know, what happened between us. I

Her voice died off because she simply couldn’t describe the
feeling that had overwhelmed her. She had felt like the world had
shifted on its axis and she had fallen off it.

“I know,” Garrett said softly. “And no, finding someone who
makes you feel like that is almost impossible. Don’t get me wrong,
sex for the sake of sex is great. It feels wonderful. But when a
connection is made, it makes everything else fade in comparison. Any
other woman, or man, drains away. Forgotten.”

She bit her lower lip with her white teeth. “But two of you and
one of me doesn’t really bode well for a connection, does it?”

“Honey, we’ve had a connection since before we met.”


-“Lawless Hearts, the new Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, by Beth D. Carter
available from Siren Publishing at: http://www.bookstrand.com/lawless-hearts

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