19 December 2011

And the Winner is....

for this Christmas Blog Hop, I had 14 comments left!  That is fantastic!  Thank you all for posting your New Year's Resolutions...even if you have none!

As with all my contests, I say I pick only one winner...but the reality is I hate when only one person wins.  So I've decided all the people who left comments will get a free pdf ebook, their choice!

I'll be sending private emails out to the people who left email address, those that didn't leave email address are: Abigail, Elle, Megs, and Eva!  Please leave a comment with some way I can contact you!  Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for everyone who participated, I really appreciate it!

-Beth D. Carter


  1. Thank you for this delightful surprise!

  2. I did get an email from you, was just going to send you my selection >:o} (that looks a little like Rudolph right :)