22 April 2012

Cover Revealed Contest! The Scarlet Dove!

When Liza Trent decided to become a mail order bride out west, she never thought her fiancé would die before she arrived; sending her $500 in debt with the only way to pay off the money by auctioning off her virginity against her will.  When she's rescued by two handsome men, she mistakenly thinks they're assassins, and makes a pact with them: her body in unconditional surrender for their protection.

Only the two men, Apollo Beck and Blue Hawke, aren't assassins.  They're Texas Rangers sent after a man who preys on women and their dangerous hunt has just brought Liza into the line of fire.
As they navigate a relationship built between three people, Liza has the difficult decision before her: commit to loving two men or commit to her burning desire to become a doctor…unless she's found and taken for revenge first.

***This is an interesting cover for me.  Liza isn't exactly how I wrote her to be.  In the story she has golden red hair, cornflower blue eyes and freckles everywhere.  I asked if the eyes could be changed and they agreed.  Still not the right color but at least they're blue!  Otherwise, I really love this cover! Her face has the right combination of unsure woman and steely resolve.  She's very mysterious, I think.  In the background, Apollo is the one taking his clothes off while Blue (Morgan) is simply waiting.  I love it!

Let me know what you think!  One winner will be chosen at random, will receive the free pdf ebook version on release day of April 25th!!  And make sure you check back on April 25th for the opportunity to win another free pdf ebook of your choice!  


  1. Blue is YUMMY! Her eyes are such a piercing blue!! I do understand wanting changes if you wrote them as cornflower though. The blurb is HOT!! I can't wait to read this one!

    1. Hi NCampbell! I am happy to say that you won! Please let me know which PDF ebook you'd like and I'll send it to you! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!

  2. Hi Beth,

    Somehow I like Morgan-Blue more. Called me a sucker for the the mysterious,eyes hidden beneath hat hero. Liza's picture does portray the title, Scarlet, well also. Can't wait for the release.

  3. Love it!!! I just adore erotic western historicals and can't wait to read this one!

  4. The characters on the covers are rarely exactly like they're written I find, but I like this one. I love red hair and the woman on the cover is beautiful, and I can't forget to mention the two hunky guys in the background... YUM!

    This book sounds amazing Beth, congratulations on your new release. Here is to many, many sales...


  5. I like the cover, and I like the deep blue eyes too. I've got to agree with NCampbell that they are very piercing. The guys in the back are too yummy too!

    This is a sexy cover for what promises to be a steamy hot read.


  6. If it's not too late to enter. I wanted to say that I like the cover. Liza looks like she will give the men hell. Can't wait to read the book. I really like erotic historical western books. The blurb for The Scarlet Dove has me putting it on my wishlist. LOL