08 February 2014

Saturday After Dark...WIP "When Dove Cries"

I decided to do something a little different for my Saturday After Dark moment, going with an excerpt from a WIP.  Usually, I don't like doing this because you never know when or if the story will be picked up by a publisher.  I also don’t like releasing the names of my titles before I get a contract on them because I once had a publisher change a title on me.  But, I’ve been working very hard on this story (the last book in a trilogy) and it’s near completion, so I thought I’d write a little backdoor action.

I hope you enjoy!
           Cade grunted and he lifted Dove’s hips.  His cock slid almost all the way out of her but before she felt any loss, she felt Draven pushing into her ass.
            “Don’t tense up,” Draven ordered and Dove took a deep breath.  “Good.  God, Dove, you’re so tight!”
            In and in he went and the burning returned.  Dove held her breath, not sure if she was enjoying the new sensation.  But just as she thought she wanted to stop, Draven pulled out of her a little to give Cade room to push in.  They worked her like this for a minute or so, each going in little by little, letting her adjust to their double invasion.  It began to feel…amazing.  Nerves she never thought she had began to come alive, intensifying the feeling of two men sliding into her at different times, never letting her body have a break from the electrifying assault on her senses.
            “You ready, Cade?” Draven asked, his voice a little gruff. 
            “Yeah,” Cade replied, answering with an equally strained tone. 
            Before she could ask what they meant, both men pulled out of her and then surged together, burying their cocks together at the same time.  Dove gasped, unable to believe the feeling of being totally consumed.  She had thought being filled with one or the other was amazing, but this was beyond words.  Beyond anything she had imagined.  They began to fuck her in earnest, both pumping into her holes, and her juices ran as everything inside her tightened around them.  Sweat dripped off each of them, making their bodies slick as they moved against one another.  Dove felt something building, something so intense she was almost scared to reach it, but there was no stopping the pleasure Draven and Cade wrung from her body, the feeling of being consumed.  She screamed as the dam broke, flinging her off into space with a climax so hard and earth shattering that darkness covered her vision.  Dimly she heard both men finding their own release and felt their cocks pumping deep within her body.  


  1. Visualized very movement and gesture for a red hot sizzling scene. Well done.

  2. Now, that's what I call a real 'AfterDark Moment', where you vividly describe the sensations the heroine was feeling and the two men that were penetrating Dove. Better yet, someone will have to bust out with a toy after reading this scene. I smell a good masturbation story! Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to read more Beth.