24 February 2014

Topic Tuesday - Project Difficulties

TOPIC: Lets talk about a time when you have worked really hard on a project and it not to produce as quickly as you expected. What have you done? Did the project eventually succeed?


These are questions I've just dealt with so very apropos!  Late last year I got this idea for a trilogy, a sort of Longmire meets Sons of Anarchy and this vision was so strong that I immediately began to flush out the three books.  This is the fun part of writing when you get that excitement in the belly that lets you know this is the next project so let's find some cool names!  The first book, "Merrie's Rescue" flowed.  The second book, "True North" flowed even faster.  So I thought, eh, the third, titled "When Dove Cries" was going to be a breeze!


It was the time I had to bring all these elements that I'd scattered about in the first two books, together.  It was a mystery of sorts so I had to dot my i's and cross my t's and resolve all these little questions while still maintaining a bad ass biker gang.  Every day I would sit looking at my screen, screaming in frustration because I just couldn't put it all together.  I had it down in my mind but for some reason it wasn't flowing out of my fingers.

What to do...what to do...

I had to finish this book!  Especially because by this point the first book was already in a publisher's hand.  At any moment I could get an email from them saying they want to read the other two books so I had no choice but to finish.

So I decided to work backwards.  I went to the last chapter and wrote that out, and when that was done, I went to previous chapter I had outlined.  For some bizarre reason, this actually worked.  It took me off the area that was quagmiring me and allowed my mind to focus on the romance of the story instead of the technical who-done-its.  I always say that writing a book is like building a house.  You have to put the frame up before you can add the insides and this was a perfect example.  Once I got the framing of the story up, I was then able to take a break and then go back in with a clear mind and rework and add what needed to be added.

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