30 November 2014

Evernight Readers Choice Awards

The 2nd Annual Readers Choice Awards has reached the semi-finals stage, and I'm so happy that several of my books have been nominated!  I want to thank everyone who voted and shamelessly ask for one more go-round...voting ends on Dec. 5th and winners will be announced on the 7th!

Here are my books that are nominated:

Best in Category: Anthologies

 My story is "Suddenly"...

Dalton McCoy has lusted after his assistant, Bellah, for a long time.  One Friday night, Bellah is about to ask him for something but chickens out.  Wondering if she feels the same about him, he goes after her, only to save her from being assaulted in the parking garage.

Shaken, Bellah goes home with her boss, Dalton, not wanting to be alone.  Lust temporarily breaks down the barriers between them but he’s her boss.  What happens if he doesn’t feel the same as she?  Then again, what if he does?

 Best in Category: Erotic

Wayde Wallace is a vampire.  He’s been alone for a long time, until he smells the sunshine scent of a woman and finds Daphne Sabella.  Her blood smells intoxicating until he catches the stench of sickness upon her and realizes Daphne is dying. 

 Alexander Malden is a Shade cop sent to patrol the supernaturals who lives among humans.  A rogue vampire is killing women and he thinks Wayde is the monster because only a trickster can make him feel such lust and longing. 

To prove his innocence, Wayde goes out to find the real rogue vampire and Alex can’t help but follow because the mating bond has already settled between them.  And when they believe they can finally help Daphne, she’s become the next victim.  Now they must rescue her and turn her before her heart gives out.

 Best in Category: Menage

Geoffrey DeWinter and his wife Keirah live on a dying Earth.  The only refuge is an alien world who needs human women as mates and mothers, only Keirah refuses to leave Geoff to save herself.  Geoff decides to take them to an auction house that accepts married couples, knowing that he will have to share her with another. 

Their shuttle is attacked by Xyran raiders looking for women and it is Keirah who defends them.  When Captain Krig sees Keirah looking like a warrior angel come to life, he wants her.  He wants her enough to take her even with a husband, thinking he will deal with Geoff in some way or another.  But when the brother of the dead Xyran comes after Keirah, leaving her, Krig and Geoff stranded upon a wilderness moon, they will learn how to work together to survive.  And their love for Keirah will turn them into a family.

 Best Book in the Planet Alpha Series

Jordan Kuper has lived her life in a human camp, hiding her gender for protection.  She knows how to fight and to take care of herself and her mother, but she is not prepared for the Xyran and human traitor who abduct her.

David Ballack and Laith have a plan and it involves taking a human female to the sex market.  But Jordan is a hell cat and doesn’t take kindly to being abducted.  She turns their lives upside down attempting to escape.

They are forced to stop for repairs and when Jordan finds a kidnapped Alphan girl, everything changes.  Now she has to get this little girl back to her parents, get herself back to Earth, and not fall in love with the two Xyrans who kidnapped her in the first place.

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Thank you!

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