20 March 2020

Flashback Friday ... Love Story in Hollywood

Jake Coolidge is Hollywood’s hot new star.  Growing up in Los Angeles among the film sets his father worked on, Jake knows fame is fickle so he lives life to the fullest.  He never has to search far for a pretty face with an amazing body to fill his bed, and he never, ever, promises fidelity.

Norah Scaritt has lived her whole life in a fantasy world.  Knowing she would never be the girl to wear a bikini or short shorts, she’s come to accept that she has curves even though she secretly wishes she was one of the slim, beautiful models that decorates Jake’s arm.

She’s written a movie script that she knows Jake will be perfect for, but she’s ill prepared for the magnetic attraction she feels for him.  As she tries to form a professional bond with him, his hot and cold attitude breaks her heart one too many times.  Can Jake save a love that he denied before he’s lost the only person that ever really mattered?

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Adult Excerpt:

She didn’t feel like writing. She was too restless, too…horny. As she walked toward her bedroom, her thighs created friction right upon her aching clit. She undressed quickly and crawled onto the bed, thoughts of Jake filling up her mind. She opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out her little hot pink vibrator and flicked it on. It instantly thrummed to life and she wasted no time applying it to the area she desperately needed it. She spread her thighs and pressed the vibrator against her clit. Pleasure tore through her body, sending tiny pulses along her nerve endings that had her shuddering. She’d never been one to hold back on her climax because she’d never needed too. Her one and only sexual encounter had more than satisfied her curiosity on what sex with a man would be like, although she had a feeling Jake would be much better at it.
So when her orgasm hit, she rode with it, crying out as her cream ran and flooded the tip of her vibrator. She pushed it into her pussy with ease, able to milk it out a little while longer as she slowly fucked herself. Each time she pulled it out, she’d angle it so the vibrations would hit her clit. After another minute, she had another mini orgasm.
When she was finished she dropped her toy onto the bed. She’d clean it later. Right now her body hummed with sexual satisfaction. She fell asleep with images of him running through her mind

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