20 August 2020

The Evernighties Weekly Blog Challenge - Week 34

Did you ever make your characters have disabilities?

Of course!

Characters need some type of imperfection to make them believable. Most of the time my characters have emotional disabilities, but I have written a deaf heroine and I've also had an amputee hero.

In my book "Madness Ends", my heroine Kaiya lost her hearing as a child. It was a very challenging book to write because I had to come up with ways of expressing dialogue from her that couldn't be in the normal "she said" tag lines. To accommodate, I had her cousin able to use sign with her plus the hero knew sign.

In "Warrior", the hero lost his leg in the military. He comes back home slightly broken and not fitting in with the MC he left behind. The heroine took his motorcycle and made it into a trike so he could return riding bikes.

I think those books are some of my best work.

Check out Mad Delights and Madness Ends  HERE
Check out Warrior ( and the other Forgotten Rebels MC books) HERE

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