10 September 2020

The Evernighties Weekly Blog Challenge - Week 37


As a Reader, What Attracts you Most to a Character?

Even if you write an antihero, there should be at least one redeeming quality. A book takes the reader on a journey, which is a time investment, so they are looking for something to tug on their heart strings. The reader must be able to have either sympathy or hope for these characters they're devoting so much time into. 

Whatever flaw your hero or heroine has, it has to be something they recognize and overcome, otherwise the story arc falls flat. If it's pride, have the hero learn humility. If it's resentment, learn and overcome the anger. 

Does the flaw of the character lead to their behavior? For instance, if the heroine is scarred, does that make her shy? If the hero is missing a leg, does that give him simmering rage? Characters are so much more interesting when they aren't perfect, because none of us are.

Lastly, to make the story truly memorable, the character flaw must be recognized and overcome. NEVER leave the reader angry.

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