06 December 2010

So why erotica romance…

I’ve had it all. The raised eyebrows, the nose in the air, the disdain very present in the eyes. Even the rolled eyes. Everything that screams disapproval. All because I say I write erotica romance. People can’t seem to get past the ‘erotica’ part of that statement and focus on the part that I’m published. I write stories that are turned into professionally edited manuscripts with wonderful cover art, ISBN’d, copywritten, and marketed. I work very hard to create characters that are real, flawed, and redeemed through love, all in the space of at minimum twenty thousand words. My largest body of work so far has been about 157,000 words, which is 642 pages and represents two years of my time.

And that book will probably never see the light of day in a readers hands.

Now, for anyone who has sat down to write down a story, carried it through days, weeks or even years to fulfillment, submitted to many (dozens) of publishing houses, received many (dozens) of rejections, revised under advice, changed or deleted characters or dialogue you love, resubmitted, to finally get one person who will give your work a chance…then lets talk. Writing is a very solitary life because when submerged in my worlds I live in my imagination. I hear the voices of my characters. I dream the scenarios of their lives.

And I do all of this working full time in the day, being a full time mother to a very active little boy, take care of a household and maintain relationships with friends. I sacrifice sleep, personal time and normal stuff that most people do (don’t ask me who the Kardashians are…no clue).

But I can’t NOT write. I might explode if I’m not at my laptop trying to find a synonym for the words ‘gazed into his eyes’. And why erotica romance? Because I’m good at writing it. The sex is graphic because the love is intense. My stories are not about people who court each other, go to church on Sunday, and sleep in separate beds. My stories are about people with problems…about a woman who was raped at fifteen, a man who was inappropriately touched as a child, a woman who has survived alone in a wasteland for years, a woman afraid of loving after her husband cheated. These characters are raw. Their emotions are encased in ice. These people are helpless, hopeless…until love finds them. So sex between these people and their partners isn’t going to have euphemisms like ‘manhood’ and ‘joined together in bliss’.

What I write isn’t for everyone. I know that. Everyone has different tastes and opinions. There are people out there who think the word ‘cock’ is vulgar. Really, I get it. But I am a writer. I am a published author. And I don’t deserve the eye roll. None of us who write erotica romance do. To my fellow sister writers, I say give me more. Give me more sex. Give me more erotica.

Give me more.


  1. And your brother writers???... hehehe... Well said. My venture into romance just wouldn't work if I shut the bedroom door when it came to the physical, spiritual and emotional bonding that can only be expressed during love making. It seems incomplete without and yeah, I get the same reactions, even from other erotic romance authors, because I'm male... but I don't care. I love writing it and that I can get it published is a bonus!

  2. Beth, I agree with all you've said. Erotic Paranormals are all I want to write!There's a lot of people reading them. You made me feel proud, Thanks!

  3. Yes, Brindle! My fellow brother writers as well! How could I forget you??? (I smack myself on the forehead)

  4. You are right - you can't not write. Me neither.

  5. Hehehe... no worries Beth, but if ya forget me again, I'll tell Rory! Hehehe... yeah, we share the same editor at Loose! Errmmm.. right?

  6. Ballsy Beth, I've sent you 3 messages, but none of them have shown up. Wot the hey, here's another one.......Finn.

  7. Beth,

    I have to say here that while what we write are polar opposites (I'm the close the bedroom door gal in our chapter) I admire what you've done and respect your abilities. And frankly, I'm proud to consider you my friend!