13 December 2010

Writing Families

One of the greatest assets a writer has in his/her arsenal is a great group of friends. People who can take the stuff you’ve written and give honest opinions, good and bad, in a constructive manner. People that can surround you when you’ve lost your way, or your drive to create, who can fill up your cup by just being there. People who make you want to sit and write.

When I first moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I didn’t have anyone like that. No friends, no writing buddies, no one who understood how my mind worked. By nature I am very introverted, many of us are, but I recognized the need for others to bring me out of the worlds I created. So I immediately branched out and found the local RWA chapter called HeartLA, and found a wonderful group of people who inspired me.

Some in the group are published, some not, and some are still trying to find their way in the literary scene. They are an eclectic group of individuals whose work crosses a broad spectrum, from adult romance to young adult, mystery, soft love, erotica, thriller and all the nooks in between. They invited me in, shared their stories, and made me feel welcome when I felt very lost. And now, I am going back home to Los Angeles, and leaving all my wonderful new friends behind.

But the writing community is very small, believe it or not, and I know the friendships I’ve made in Louisiana will endure. When we meet again it will be like old times as we pick up where we left off, as if time hadn’t passed. From a distance I will applaud each achievement and offer support at bad news. And I know they will be doing the same for me.

To HeartLA, thank you all so very much. You really have no idea what each one of you means to me.

(Please check them out on their website: www.heartla.com)


  1. Beth, we will miss you. You've been a great asset to our group and I know California is getting a terrific writer. You people out there better cherish her like we do, because we'll take her back in a second!

  2. Beth, I will miss you a great deal even though we hardly got to know one another. Such is life and yet I should know better by now than to assume my friends will be there tomorrow. You are such an accomplished author and I love that you write erotica and make no bones about it. I look forward to picking all your future books. Enjoy being back home in L.A.