07 February 2012

The Most Romantic Book...#8

The next book I pick as Most Romantic #8 (on my Bookshelf, that is) is from fellow Loose Id author, Jet Mykles titled Heaven Sent, and includes two books called Heaven and Purgatory.  I actually have the paperback of these wonderful stories and I’m happy to rave about them.

Heaven starts out introducing the band Heaven Sent.  The famous band is scheduled to perform at a hotel called the Weiss Strande Hotel, and this lets the lead singer, Johnny Heaven, met the manger, Tyler Purcell.  Tyler has always considered himself straight, but when he meets Johnny and encounters the man’s sheer dynamic force, all bets are off. 

The second story, Purgatory, is the love story of Heaven Sent’s bass player, Lucas Sloane.  Years ago one of his closest friends made a pass at him, one he spurned out of confusion and fear.  Now, Reese is back and this time Lucas won’t let him go, even though Reese insists he wants a conventional, ordinary life.

There is another book in this series telling the loves stories of the other two band members, but my favorite is Johnny’s story.  I just love how sexy and wild he is, at the same time how captivated by Tyler he is at the first introduction.  Jet Mykles has written even more in the series and even started a new band, and I’ve bought and read each of them…several times!

The men are sexy, seductive, and all chose males to be their partners and lovers.  This was actually the first m/m romance story I read and fortunately, I picked a wonderful series to get hooked on.  Jet is one author I admire very much and look upon her work with inspiration as I move forward in my own writing career.  She writes with depth, wit, humor and love.

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