06 February 2012

The Most Romantic Book...#9

Back in the early ‘90s Silhouette decided to cash in on the paranormal phenomena and started their own line called Silhouette Shadows.  This series ran for three years (1993-1996) and produced 66 titles.  I read a lot of them, was a huge fan of “From the Dark Side of Love” (their slogan), but there was only one book that stood our amongst them all.  And that book lands at #9 on my list: Flashback by Terri Herrington.

The story is about a woman named Sarah who sees this old man staring at her.  When she goes to confront him, he panics, runs into the street and gets hit by a car.  Tragically, he dies.  Stunned and curious as to why he was following her, she starts investigating who he was. 

His name was Marcus Stephens, and forty years ago he had lived in Sarah’s house- and he had loved a woman who looked exactly like her.  With the use of his camera from the 1950’s, Sarah hurtles over the time barrier and into his arms. 

Each time Sarah goes to see him, it takes a toll on her body.  But she dares to go back because she loves him.  And the one person who has the power to bring her back into her own time is her twin sister.  So Sarah hatches a desperate plan, one where she makes her sister believe she committed suicide so she will never call her again.  So all she had to do to be with Marcus forever is stay alive.

This is one of those books that you can’t put down.  It’s tragic and heartbreaking but at the same time it’s so romantic it eats you up alive.  Marcus is a doctor who is shell shocked from the Korean War, and goes home to recuperate and is not quite sure what to make of Sarah when she shows up.

Their love is just beautiful.  It’s not a heavy sex sort of book, even though there is a little of that; instead the author wrote a very pure, true love book.  When you finish it and close the cover all you want to do is go back in time and re-read it all over again as if it were the first time.  Very apt for a time-travel book, eh?

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