01 February 2012

My List of Romantic Books #14

 I decided to honor the month of February with a list of the most romantic books I know.  Granted, I’ve not read every book out there, and I know everyone has a different opinion, but in the next fourteen days I’ll give my top fourteen picks. 

So who made number fourteen on my list?   Well, I’m going to have to say the author because I’ve clumped some of her books together.  It’s Carole Mortimer!  When I started reading romance back the ‘80’s, my mother had a whole bookshelf of Harlequin Presents.  My favorites were the stories where the men acted all tough and foreboding, but when push came to shove, the heroes of Carole’s books couldn’t survive one more day without his heroine. 

On my top Carole Mortimer list are the following books:

Freedom to Love (HP#473), a young girl gets lost and winds up in the wrong trailer exploring the rugged outback of the Canadian wilderness.  Now if only the hero would believe it was an accident!

Forbidden Surrender (HP#547), the heroine is mistaken for someone else by a dark and handsome man.  Turns out she has an identical twin she never knew of who is engaged to the man she’s come to love!

Golden Fever (HP #579), set aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, an actress has to over come the long lost love of her past since he’ll be directing her in a new movie!

A Lost Love (HP#740), to escape a domineering and controlling husband, a woman fakes her own death and has plastic surgery, only to end up falling in love all over again with the same man!

A Past Revenge (HP#780), seven years after she had been seduced, the heroine meets the hero again, and sparks fly.  But he doesn’t remember her, and he has no idea of the child he fathered, the little girl who only lived a little while.

After the Loving (HP#1019), the heroine thinks its time to end the affair she was having with the hero, but the hero doesn’t want to let her go, especially not after finding out she’s pregnant!

Yes, the intrigue!  Yes, the unbelievable plots and twists within the pages.  But these stories always made my heart pound when true love was finally confessed.  Even thirty years later, these books are still a foundation for my own writing.  They sit proudly on my bookshelf.

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