01 October 2012

Blog Hop Update

I have so many birthdays to celebrate the beginning of October.  My boyfriend of 12 years, Brian, has his 40th birthday on October 2nd so I had a surprise party for him this past Saturday at the Laser Tag in Sherman Oaks.  He had a wonderful time! 

Among the birthdays I had to celebrate, I also participated in a blog hop that TRR was running.  Thanks to all who read my blog and left a message.  I really appreciate everyone who takes time to visit my site! 

I have a new book due out October 10th from Siren titled The Song Bird.  I love setting romance inside the confines of historical places filled with danger and so for this book I chose the very dangerous world of San Francisco in 1855.  Set a few years after the discovery of gold, The Song Bird tells the story of one woman’s struggle to find her missing sister, whose last known address was working as an upstairs prostitute for two men named Eli Masters and Jason Braddock: 

Avilon Chambert travels to the wild city of San Francisco to find her missing sister.  All she has is a letter explaining she’s in terrible trouble and that she’s been working as an upstairs girl in a club owned by two handsome men, Eli Masters and Jason Braddock.

When she arrives at the club, the only way she can get to talk to them is by auditioning for the singing position, and she captivates them by her beautiful operatic voice.  But the answers to her questions are vague and filled with holes, rousing her suspicions.

Her arrival at the club seems to set off a chain of events filled with danger.  As she searches further for her sister, she unleashes the wrath of a madman bent of revenge, threatening to destroy everything and every one she’s come to love.

So please stop by October for a chance to win a free PDF copy!

As for the winners of this blog hop, I had my lovely assistant (AKA my six year old son) pick out a name!  Congrats to…Kerry Sullivan!  Again, thanks to all who left their comments and gave me book titles to add to my To Read List!

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