30 October 2012

Halloween Hump Day Hook!

Halloween is one of those magical, special days, when imagination can run amuck for good or for bad.  It brings out the chills on our skin and makes our heart beat a little faster.  I love taking my son trick or treating on Halloween night and seeing all the decorations, screaming when the boogyman jumps out from the bushes, and seeing all the great costumes.

This is my favorite holiday.

For my paragraph this week, I decided to stick with the Halloween theme.  This is taken from my upcoming novel, titled Otherworldly, which is book one in a trilogy.  The heroine, Charlotte, is clairvoyant but this is the first time she actually hears a ghost.  For this particular moment I wanted to have a gothic feeling and the scene plays out well.  I hope you enjoy reading this paragraph!

          As Charlotte followed after Mrs. Braddock-Masters and Jonas she felt the coolness of the house settle into her bones and she slowed her pace, falling behind as they walked to the dinning room.  The rambling mansion really was too large for one person, let alone an older woman.  The cathedral ceilings supported wide, ornate crown molding expertly fitted the acute angled design of the gable wall.  Over time the sharp, clean feeling of the white paint had faded to a dull grey, lending to the air of age and neglect.  The white marble floor had been a fashion statement at the height of its heyday but now gleamed like a polished tombstone.  But underneath the meticulously well preserved gothic home something wormed its way under Charlotte’s skin and she shivered. 

Happy Halloween!  


  1. Great descriptions! Creepy! Happy Halloween!

  2. Wonderful description! Sounds like an interesting read.

  3. I would say you accomplished what you wanted in this paragraph.

  4. Beth, great excerpt for Halloween!