16 October 2012

Hump Day Hook!

My friend author Kerrianne Coembes is having a Hump Day Hook, and I was fortunate enough to become involved!  The idea is to post one paragraph from a work in progress or from a completed story to get feedback and to meet other authors and readers!

What a fantastic idea!

This week I wanted to post a WIP.  I'm busy writing a contemporary trilogy and my heroine, Charlotte Perth, is a firecracker and she has a special talent.  She's clairvoyant and her specialty is communicating with people who have been murdered.  She takes a case that brings into contact with Homicide Detective Jonas Daire and needless to say, we have the story of a man who doesn't believe matched against a woman who now has to find his missing cousin:

Jonas didn’t say anything.  They rode the rest of the way in silence until he turned into the driveway of a two story brick home.  Charlotte’s mouth dropped a bit because this hadn’t been what she expected when Jonas mentioned his house.  She didn’t know what she had imagined but it certainly hadn’t been such a modern family home.  White painted accents brought out the deep rich red of the brick.  The porch held a swing on one end and two wicker chairs on the other and Charlotte could imagine her and Jonas nestled together on the swing, staring at the sunset, relaxing at the end of the day.

“What?” he asked.
“What?” she asked back, suddenly nervous he could read her mind.

I hope you really enjoyed this paragraph from the upcoming series I'm called "Perth, McKnight & Daire".  Please be sure to visit the others in the Hump Day Hook Blog!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect home...though I am intrigued as to why she is surprised? I'm hooked! ;-)