07 November 2012

Hump Day Hook - Post Election Day

Today for Hump Day Hook I tried to find a piece of work that tied into the National Election we just had…but couldn’t.  I have never written about politics and elections because I think that’s just, well, boring! And I don’t really know anything about it all except the superficial, so I don’t know if that makes me sound dumb or un-American, but I just can’t get into judicial or governmental stories.  And that includes tv shows.  The only lawyer type show I ever watched was Boston Legal because let’s face it, that show was so preposterous it was hilarious.  James Spader and William Shatner were the perfect couple! 

But I digress.  I did manage to find something in my books about government after all, though from my dystopian story titled Spirals. This isn’t exactly what freedom and National Elections are about but it’s the closest thing I had. 

I love dystopian stories because it thrusts us into an alien world that’s both foreign and similar at the same time.  We can be horrified by futures like The Hunger Games or The Running Man because we think that couldn’t possibly happen, and yet there’s that nagging sense that yes, it could.   We could be reading about our eventual outcome.  So I delved into this terrifying horror story genre by writing two books set in the same world.  The first was Spirals and the sequel was Kismet.  I admit that Spirals was a lot better than Kismet because I wrote the first one from my heart and the second one from what my editors were pushing for.  One day I may have the chance to rectify that, but for now, let me give you a small taste of Spirals:
It is absolutely amazing how certain things survived the Great Incident and how other things didn't. I use the term Great Incident because there hadn't been a war. Sometime six years ago, North Korea detonated a biological bomb in the air, and the fallout spread a virus that turned into a pandemic. I only know this term because people bandied it around earlier from a scare of the swine flu. It had turned out to be nothing compared to the new threat. The virus started out as an airborne pathogen then quickly mutated into a disease that had no antidote. Unfortunately when the virus mutated, the pandemic spread fast, creating panic. And with panic came desperation. People left their homes, the cities, thinking running would help.

Thanks so much for reading!  Enjoy your Wednesday and be sure to stop by my blog this weekend as I do the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop with a giveaway to one reader!  

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  1. First of all, I love your writing style. You're funny, sarcastic- and I really like that. Second of all, you're not un-American. If anything, you're completely American since the rest of us don't bother to learn about history,politics, government issues, rights...those sorts of things. We're too busy watching The Voice!

    I enjoyed your hook as well. I really like dystopian society, and I think you had an interesting point that it's both familiar and alien. Good job and I'll definitely be looking into your books!