24 November 2012

Winners of the Blog Hop!

The Thanksgiving weekend was very relaxing for me.  Recently my boyfriend and I bought a house in Las Vegas so we spent the whole week there…and yes, I ended up shopping on Black Friday, although I hit up several thrift stores that were having major sales.  I love thrift stores for several things, one being books.  I can find so many old/older Harlequin and Silhoutte and Zebra and Candlelight Romance books that I read in the early eighties that I wish I’d kept.  Stories that I remember but can not remember titles so I look and look.  I’ve found so many awesome books in thrift stores!

I decided to have three winners for my Black Friday Blog Hop since I had so many leave comments!  My wonderful and beautiful assistant (AKA: son) picked the names randomly from a bowl.  Susan Frances, JYL22075 & Cat Fire.  The winners have been sent emails.  Thank you so much and thanks to all who visited with me.

I have some interesting upcoming guest blogging coming up in December.  Every Wednesday I participate in Hump Day Hook, where I give one paragraph from a work in progress or something already published.  No prizes are given but I always have something interesting up!  On December 5th, I’m guest blogging with Cassandra Carr.  On December 7th I am participating in the Zombie Blog Hop…this should be interesting, eh???  On December 14th, I’m doing the Holiday Gift of Love Blog Hop and I’m going to have a HUGE give-a-way…the kind where I’m going to need an address to send it to one lucky winner!  I’m talking a t-shirt, a desk calendar, & a gift card from Barnes & Noble!  And finally, on December 21st, if the world has not ended, I’m going to be guest blogging at When One is Not Enough. 

Big things coming, so please stop my blog often!  Have a great week!

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