28 November 2012

Hump Day Hook - 28th of November

I was unprepared for this Wednesday’s Hump Day Hook.  I meant to write this post out earlier but found myself doing it Wednesday morning.  I wanted to talk about how I got the name Written Butterfly for my blog because I had a comment left on the last blog hop that it was a beautiful mantra.

I moved to Los Angeles, California almost thirteen years ago with two of my closest girlfriends.  We all had our hopes and dreams for moving to this charming city, and mine was to be a writer.  In the span of a few months, I had a guy I was crazy about and lost him when I found out he had made me the “other” woman.  So I wrote some poetry about it and before I knew it, I had written this autobiographical story on the break up my marriage, being dumped on Valentine’s Day from this guy I had fallen for, and the happiness I had now that I met this other guy (still my boyfriend after almost 13 years!).  It was a catharsis for my soul.  As I tried to put a name on this story, I thought how I was just like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon to finally fly.  I love butterflies, so with these feelings written down I came up with the title: Written Butterfly.

Years later, when I went to start up my blog, I thought how appropriate that title still was.  So…let romance take flight!

For this week’s paragraph, I thought about which character was a like a butterfly emerging from his or her cocoon, and came up with Paden Winters.  He’s a man who has emotional issues stemming from his kidnapping as a child.  He’s lived a long time thinking he’d never find happiness again, and when he realizes love can set him free, he’s a completely different person.  So this week, the paragraph is from Love Story for a Snow Princess:

Turmoil boiled through his mind because now he was free, or
     supposedly free. Truth be told, he did feel different, but could it be his
     mind playing tricks? He wanted to test if the invisible specter that had
     clung to him for years had suddenly vanished, but he was half-afraid
     to try. What if Thea had been wrong and all of this had been for
Yet, what if Thea had been right?

Please be sure to check out the other paragraphs for Hump Day Hook at:  http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/


  1. Freedom is a very precious and wonderful commodity! Thank you for sharing both your personal story and your hook! I enjoyed both.

  2. Good hook, but also such a great premise for a novel!