12 February 2013

Hump Day Hook – 13 February 2013

First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone who visited with me for my Heartbreaker Blog Hop!  I really appreciated it!  The winner of my contest was StrawberryRose!  She’s been emailed with the news.

Second, please join me next month for the St. Patrick’s Day blog hop! 

Last week, I posted an excerpt form the first book in my McKnight, Perth & Daire series, titled Otherworldly, in which a romantic dinner with Detective Daire doesn’t go quite as planned.  But what about the other man in this story, the one who gets his share in book 2, titled Hereafter?  Well, all I can say is that it’s no bed of roses for Agent Nash McKnight when he goes after the woman who got away…


“Charlotte,” Nash warned and ran a hand through his carefully coiffed hair.
            “By the way, you are looking very dapper,” Charlotte told him, trying to change the subject.  “Did you lose weight?  No?  Add another mountain of muscle to those arms?  How do you run and chase the bad guys looking all Terminator-on-steroids?”
            Instead of answering he tossed the towel onto the table and pulled out his phone. 
            “Wait,” she said.  “Who are you calling?”
            He ignored her, pushed a button, and put his phone to his ear.  “I found her.  She’s alive for now unless I kill her.  All right.”
            Nash held out the phone for her. 
            “I hate you,” Charlotte said to him calmly and took the phone.  “Hello?”

All I’ll say is Nash was delicious to write!  A real…Heartbreaker? 

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