05 February 2013

Hump Day Hook – 6th February

Coming up soon is Valentine’s Day, a romance writers magical holiday.  I’m taking my mother tomorrow to see the movie “Warm Bodies”, a zombie romance, before she goes into the hospital Friday to have a hip replacement. 

Also starting Friday I’ll be participating in the Heartbreaker Hop, with a free ebook give-away, winner’s choice!  So please stop by this weekend and leave a comment to be entered to win.  You’ll also be entered into the grand prize give-away… What are the grand prizes?

The prizes are:

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

As for my Hump Day Hook paragraph, I’ve decided to go with another paragraph from my newest story, Otherworldly.  So, the set up is my heroine, Charlotte, wants to prepare a romantic dinner for Jonas but it doesn’t go as planned.
Perplexed, she pulled on a tank top before opening the bathroom door and heard a loud voice saying “FIRE” over and over.  Eyes widening, she rushed downstairs to see the kitchen filled with smoke. 
            “Holy hell!” she cried and rushed to the back door, throwing it open to allow some fresh air in.
            “FIRE!  FIRE!  FIRE!” the alarm kept saying in a very loud, very annoying tone.
            “Shut up!” she cried and grabbed a dishtowel to start fanning the smoke away from the detector.  She spotted a reset button and hurried to find a broom.  Thankfully, the smoke was starting to dissipate.  She found an ordinary broom in the pantry and grabbed it, trying to line up the reset button with the handle, but the handle was too wide and couldn’t fit in the small button slot.
            In the meantime, the detector kept yelling “FIRE” at her and Charlotte was contemplating smashing the damn thing with the broom when the front door opened.
            “What the hell is going on?” Jonas yelled over the alarm.
Ok, so it’s a little more than a paragraph…hope you liked it!  Be sure to check out the other paragraphs at: http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/


  1. Nice! I've had a few of those incidents! I feel for her! Lol

  2. LOL...this was a wonderful hook. I've wanted to do that a time or two as well.

  3. Oh my gosh, I can commiserate with her. Nice one!

  4. Why is the kitchen filled with smoke? I've had the fire alarm go off just from opening the oven without the fan on, so I can relate. :)

  5. What IS going on? I'm curious. Which is the whole point. :)

  6. I could completely sympathise - this used to happen to me all the time at my old house and the broom handle may have 'accidentally' slipped and smashed the smoke detector! Lol - thanks for the memory-trip, nice snippet :)

  7. Ha ha ha, that sounds like something I would do! Nice hook.

  8. LOL! Oh no, not the way she wanted the night to start I imagine.

  9. I can understand why she wants to smash the alarm, but why didn't she check to see if there WAS a fire.

  10. Don't stop! I'm hooked and want to know more

  11. The fire alarm at our last place was so sensitive, this was a regular scene at our house too! ahaha! Nice hook. Great humor for what was supposed to be a romantic evening!

  12. Humorous hook. Wonder how dinner turned out. :) C.