12 August 2013

Given by Ashlynn Monroe -Book Review

Holy crap, what a great story!

I stayed up all night reading this book but it was worth it. Every time I tried putting aside my brain just kept jumping back to “What happens next?”.  I am a huge fan of dystopian society books and this one had a very unique twist.  Ms. Monroe fabulously weaves a good story, sex and a plotting into one book, plus gives an ending I didn’t see coming.

Warning: Minor Spoilers below

Krista lives in a world where there aren’t that many women, and for those left alive, their rights have been stripped away.  They live in protection housing until they are twenty-one and then are auctioned off in a lottery to six men who have signed an agreement pact.  These men have to meet certain standards like money, health, and age.  A lot of men won’t get the chance to have a wife or a girlfriend, or even have sex with a woman. 

Krista gets auctioned to her six and Ms. Monroe brings a different voice to each man.  And while each man is unique, Krista falls in love with only one, Brax.  He loves her back but they can’t do anything because each night she has to go to a different man in hopes of getting pregnant.  If she doesn’t, then she’d deemed “infertile” and gets taken back by the government.

As you read the book, you get a sense of hopelessness because there’s nothing Krista can do to escape her fate.  The world is very dangerous for a woman, especially someone so sheltered.  I have expected a predictable ending to the book.  She falls in love with all the men, has babies, lives happily ever after, yada yada yada.  And yet…that is so not the ending.

I won’t spoil it and say what happens but after reading it (in one night) I’m left with a sense of happiness…and sadness.  I’m hoping this is a series because I’m left with some questions.  This is my second Ashlynn Monroe novel and I’m such a huge fan of hers. I HIGHLY recommend this book!

Content Warning: contains voyeurism, multiple partners, and anal sex

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